The benefits of a high libido

libido Sex just isn’t fun, it can improve your health too. That’s why it’s still so important that you and your partner continue to be intimate, regardless of your age. Unfortunately, maintaining a sexual relationship as you age can be challenging, but these challenges can do a lot to make you feel better overall.

Therefore, here are some reasons why you should be having more sex when it comes to improving your health.

Health benefits of sex


1. Sex is a natural painkiller because oxytocin is released.
2. Bonding between couples improves as a result of a release of oxytocin—also known as the “cuddling hormone.”
3. Studies have linked sex with a reduction in blood pressure.
4. Sex may help save your heart, as a British study uncovered that men who have frequent sex are less likely to develop heart disease.
5. Sex is a natural stress-buster—a study conducted on mice found that mice who had frequent sex were less stressed.
6. Sex can also help improve mood, which can alleviate anxiety and depression.
7. Sex is a natural sleep-aid as it releases dopamine.
8. Frequent sex helps your body build antigens, which boosts your immune system and prevents the risk of illness.
9. Some studies have suggested that frequent sex among males reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
10. Sex can help regulate hormones in females.
11. Sex can help strengthen pelvic muscles which can prevent bladder leaks.
12. Studies have suggested that sex boosts happiness more than money.
13. Sex helps boost and improve stamina, flexibility, and strength based on its various positions.

We’re pretty sure that these 13 reasons have convinced you not only to “get busy” tonight but make sex a more regular part of your routine.

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