Simple tips to reignite your libido

boost libidoOne aspect of life that seems to hit a steady decline as we get older is our sex drive and our frequency of sex. When you were young and newly married, your sex life was probably flourishing and at its highest. This may have started to decline with the introduction or children or maybe just more responsibilities as you age. Now that you’re older, you may be experiencing even less sex because of underlying medical issues, joint pain, tiredness, and just an overall low libido.

It can be more challenging now to be in the mood to have sex, but there are simple ways to overcome this low libido and get back to having mind-blowing sex, regardless of your age.

Simple tips to boost your libido


Overcoming stress: Stress is a large factor that can hinder a person’s libido. Between running errands, paying bills, caring for a family, and even caring for yourself, stress can very easily get in the way of you and sex. This is why it’s so important to work on reducing your stress. Relaxing and unwinding daily can help you feel calmer, boost libido, and frankly, improve your health overall because it is known that stress can hurt your health too.

Overcoming your low confidence: Your body has changed now that you are older, so you may not feel as sexy or attractive as you once did. You have to remember that you and your partner married because you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your days with that person. They loved you then and they still love you now. And there is nothing sexier than self-confidence. Furthermore, if you’re a female, most men don’t focus on your insecure parts because they’re simply too happy to be having sex to notice dimples, cellulite, or rolls.

Even men can lack confidence, but the same applies to them too! There are some ways that you can boost your confidence, though. Regular exercise is a good start because it will get your body in shape. You may even consider dressing up into something sexy prior to bed to get sparks going again.

Overcoming resentment: It’s hard to be in the mood when there is resentment in a relationship—it’s definitely not the biggest mood-booster. If issues in a relationship aren’t properly dealt with, they can begin to fester and lead to resentment, which can kill libido. In order to get past such resentment, you and your partner need to sit down and talk about what is being bottled up. If talking it out doesn’t help, then you may want to pursue couple’s therapy to help you overcome your deep-rooted issues. This can help you and your partner get closer together, which in turn will restart your libido.


Overcoming late-night drinking: Many people believe that a nightcap helps them get to sleep—this is a widely believed misconception. Not only does late-night drinking disrupt a person’s sleep, but it can make sex quite lackluster or even non-existent. This is because blood flow becomes severely limited, meaning it’s far more difficult to become aroused or hold and keep an erection. If you need to wind down prior to bed, reach for a tea or warm milk rather than booze.

Overcoming low energy: Your day is dwindling down and you’re just too tired to have sex—sound familiar? In this scenario, you may need to schedule your bedroom sessions. Not only does this give you something to look forward to, which can be a libido-booster on its own, but it also ensures you’re having regular sex. You may also want to try morning sex if you can’t seem to stay energized for the night.

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