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Routines Killing Your Memory and Brain Health

Our brain is considered as the central controller of our bodies, often influencing the way we think, speak, and act, and thus can affect the quality of relationships we maintain with family members, friends, and co-workers. The brain also promotes the production of essential proteins for the body, including those that are related to reproduction here to read more

Top Sicknesses in the Emergency Room

On any given year, there are approximately 136 million visits to the emergency room and 41 percent of the population will seek out emergency room treatment.  Although the ER often conjures up images of dramatic life or death situations such as bullet wounds or other bodily injuries, the majority of ER visits are not caused here to read more


The Worst American Cities for Heart Problems

Research reports have shown that exposure to secondhand smoke causes heart attack and stroke, as well as cancer of the lungs.  Secondhand smoke often affects people surrounding a smoker, including family members and friends. In order to prevent the exposure of nonsmoking individuals to secondhand smoke and decrease the incidence of heart attack and stroke, here to read more

The Odd Connection – Feet and Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis pertains to a chronic disease involving the immune system, in which joints undergo inflammation, thus causing pain and stiffness.  People with rheumatoid arthritis generally find difficulty in performing simple movements that involve the joints, such as walking, standing up, and sitting down. This condition has also affected individual performance at work or school, here to read more

Obesity Genes and the Connection to Depression

Weight gain can be an ominous sign to many people, especially when they have tried many different diets and just can’t shed the pounds. For those who are already obese the situation is even more frightening. Obesity can lead to all sorts of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. According to here to read more

The 3 Things Stopping You from Healthy Joints

Muscle soreness and pain in our joints can be the result of injury, infection, illness or normal wear and tear. For some people discomfort and chronic joint pain make it hard to enjoy life. Rheumatologists say millions of sufferers do have control over the condition of their joints; in many cases they believe there are here to read more