Anti-Aging Tips You Should Ignore

anti-aging tipsEveryone has a tip, trick, or secret to anti-aging that they are willing to share, but how do you know what you should listen to and what you should ignore? Here are some commonly passed around tidbits of advice that you should definitely ignore when it comes to aging.

Anti-Aging Tips You Should Ignore

Washing your face more than once a day leads to wrinkles: It is often recommended by dermatologists to wash your face twice a day – in the morning and at night – regardless of going out or not. This is because there is pollution in your home. Additionally, you should wash your face more if you exercise or come into exposure of dirt or other pollutants. It is pollutants that can trigger wrinkles, not face washing.

Higher SPF is better for your skin


Studies have revealed that a higher SPF doesn’t necessarily offer you better protection. In fact, anything over 45 has shown little improvement in protection. What you should be doing is using an SPF regularly, regardless of sun exposure or season, because there are always damaging UV rays regardless of if you can feel them or not.

Drinking water is enough to hydrate your skin

It is true that you need plenty of water especially for your skin to appear glowing, but you may need help locking in that moisture. Using special products to lock in moisture and even sleeping with a humidifier can help keep that hydration in.

Smiling too much causes wrinkles

Imaging living your life without smiling or laughing in fear of wrinkles? That’s just silly. Your skin will age regardless of smiling or frowning so go ahead and smile away.

Expensive creams can eliminate wrinkles

The only scientifically proven ingredient for skin is retinol, other than that, there isn’t much proof to support some of the ingredients found in thee expensive serums and lotions. Although some of these products may work temporarily, don’t break the bank.

Peels make your skin saggy and thin


You are not removing a layer of skin when undergoing a peel so don’t be worried you are thinning your skin. Your skin is a living thing, so it rejuvenates itself. Even if it is temporarily thinner after a peel, it will go back to being thicker after a day or two.

Exfoliate daily for younger looking skin

Exfoliating should only be complete a couple times a week, not daily. Exfoliating can lead to dryness and cracked skin, which can make it appear older. The older you are, the less exfoliating you need.

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