8 unhealthy foods that are surprisingly good for you

eblast unhealthy foodThere are some foods that have a solid reputation for being unhealthy, so if you are adhering to a healthy diet, you most likely avoid them. But some of these foods get a bad reputation when in actuality they aren’t that bad for you when consumed in moderation.

Instead of living in regret, or denying yourself some of these foods, let us outline some popular unhealthy foods and reveal to you how they can actually be healthy.

8 not-so-healthy foods that can be healthy


Cookies: Cookies is a broad term that encompasses both healthy and unhealthy cookies. If you’re craving a cookie, then opt for Graham or Animal cookies because these tend to be low in sugar and sometimes have chocolate chip varieties. Another good alternative is a biscuit with nuts because they contain small levels of healthy fat and protein to sustain you for longer.

Chocolate: The higher the cocoa content, the better chocolate is for you. Even some milk chocolate varieties contain 50 percent cocoa, which doesn’t make it too bad for you. So, pay attention to cocoa content when you’re craving chocolate for a healthier variety.

Cheese: Cheese isn’t an unhealthy food – unless you eat too much of it. This is where the problem lies because it seems that we can’t control ourselves when it comes to eating cheese, which turns this normally healthy food to unhealthy. Cheese contains calcium and research suggests it has anti-inflammatory properties, so just regulate your intake when enjoying it.
Ice cream: Similar to cheese, many of us don’t know our boundaries regarding ice cream. Ice cream is a good source of calcium and helps curb your sweet tooth. But don’t bother with low-fat varieties as they tend to be higher in additives. Enjoy a simple good quality ice cream every now and then.

Beef jerky: Beef jerky has no sugar, is lean, and is a source of protein. So why do we deem it unhealthy? That’s because it can be high in sodium, which is particularly dangerous for those with hypertension. Making your own beef jerky or opting for a low sodium variety is your best option.

Popcorn: Sodium and butter are the primary things that make popcorn unhealthy. Popcorn is a great snack that is filling, provides fiber, and is low in calories – only 100 calories in three cups! Make popcorn at home so you can dress it healthier with olive oil, coconut oil, or different salts. Even at the movies, ask for fresh popcorn as there is less butter.

Salted nuts: As long as you don’t suffer from high blood pressure, salted nuts are still a healthy snack. As with any nuts, though, you do want to limit your intake as nuts are high in calories.


Cold cereal: Many nutritionists paint cold cereal as being sugar-filled, but when it comes to cereal, there are several different varieties, meaning you don’t need to opt for the sugary type. Regardless, if you had to choose between Lucky Charms or a piece of cake, it’s still better for you to opt for the cereal as it contains some whole grains.

As you can see, by making the right choices, you don’t need to feel guilty about giving into your cravings after all.

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