5 weird reasons for your low libido

low libidoHave you ever asked yourself why your libido has plummeted? Or what if how you’re feeling is normal or not? Well, it seems that many people have asked themselves this question because online search results are at an all-time high. Instead of leaving it up to the internet to try and tell you what’s wrong, you may have to dig deep in yourself to uncover the real cause for your libido. But as guidance here are five possible explanations that could help you out.

5 weird reasons for low libido

You’re holding onto resentment: I’m sure you’ve heard this tidbit of advice before: “Never go to bed angry.” Well, this isn’t just a cliché that people pass on—it actually holds some truth to it. Not expressing your anger or issues to your partner can lead to resentment, which is a serious libido killer. This can also trigger more stress, which is a large libido killer on its own. Instead of keeping your feelings inside, express them in a safe and healthy manner and hopefully, you and your partner can come to a resolution.


You watch too much TV: Although snuggling on the couch seems romantic, it actually wrecks your sex life. Frequent TV watching and generally living a sedentary lifestyle reduces the production of essential hormones that get you in the mood. So instead of watching TV night after night, why not start an exercise routine instead and keep your sex drive ignited?

Eating salty snacks: Salty foods make you retain water. When you retain water, you bloat. When you’re bloated, you do not feel sexy. When you don’t feel sexy, you don’t have sex. How’s that for an explanation?

Lack of sex: This may sound strange, but not having sex drives your libido even further down than it already is. The more sex you have, the more sex you will want. Even if you have to force yourself to get busy the first time, you will find that after that initial time, you will be craving sex more.

Alcohol consumption: Sure, alcohol may make you feel sexy and adventurous, but it can really hinder your sex life. Too many drinks not only leaves you too tired for sex, but for men in particular, it can prevent their parts from working properly. So be mindful of your alcohol consumption and keep it to a minimum.



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