5 sure-fire ways to boost your libido

5 sure-fire ways to boost your libidoA low libido is a common occurrence for both men and women as they age, but growing old doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying a healthy sex life. Sure, you may have to work at it a little bit more, but sparking your libido in your older age is still very possible.

Here are some effective tips to help you do just that, naturally.

5 tips to boost libido


Re-connect: Now that the children have left and it’s just you and your partner again, it’s time to re-connect. Raising a family might have kept you very busy, oftentimes taking you away from each other. Spend some time re-connecting and getting to know one another again in order to reignite that flame.

Exercise: Health conditions and poor circulation can impede on your libido, while being as healthy as you can is a great way to support your sex drive. Exercise can help reduce your risk of illness and boost your circulation to ensure all your parts are working as they should.

Be mindful: Stress is a big mood killer, so practicing mindfulness and reducing stress can help boost your libido.
Seek therapy: Maybe you need to see a therapist and work through any underlying issues that could be preventing you and your partner from connecting on a sexual level. Addressing these concerns can help you get past the wall you or your partner may have built between each other.

Check your medications: Some medications cite low libido as a side effect. Antidepressants are most known for this. Check with your doctor if you are on any meds.

Just because you are older doesn’t mean you have to live a life devoid of sex. Although there may seem to be 100 different things getting in the way of intimacy between you and your partner, you can very well overcome these obstacles and enjoy a healthy sex life at any age.



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