5 Easy Steps to a Good Night Sleep

sleep stepsAre you struggling to fall asleep at night? And even if you do manage to get some sleep, do you find yourself waking up not feeling refreshed? Many Americans suffer from sleep problems, which is serious.

Poor sleep is linked with several different health problems, and that’s why it’s so important you get a good night’s sleep each and every night.


If you’ve been struggling to do so, then you may want to try these five steps.

5 Steps to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

1. Keep work at work: In today’s society, we’re working 24/7. With access to work emails and coworkers all the time, many of us leave the office to simply continue to work at home. This can wreck your sleep because it causes stress and anxiety, which can keep you up at night. Know when to stop working because even though you may think you’re helping your company, in the long-run, your lack of sleep will take a toll and you won’t be very good at your job.

2. Eat a healthy diet: Eating an unhealthy dinner can keep you awake at night because it’s harder on your body to digest. Furthermore, unhealthy meals lack proper nutrition which is needed to promote sleep. Therefore, consuming a healthy dinner can help promote relaxation and sleep.

3. Reduce your screen time: Screens from phones, computers, or tablets omit what is known as blue light, and this blue light delays the release of melatonin – the sleep hormone – which can disrupt your sleep. Power down prior to bed and begin relaxing to promote sleep.


4. Relax: Unwinding at the end of a hectic day is important to promote good sleep. Whether you take a bath or shower, read a book, or meditate, finding a way to relax and unwind can help improve your sleep.

5. Prepare for sleep: Having a sleep ritual can get your body in the mood to sleep. This means ensuring your bedroom is cool, powering down electronics, changing into breathable sleepwear, or performing some restorative yoga. Getting into the mindset for sleep can help encourage a good night’s sleep.

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