Lifestyle Changes & Home Remedies to Avoid (Otitis Media) Ear Infection

Middle ear infection (otitis media) treatments at homeMiddle ear infection (otitis media) pain relief is possible with a few home remedies. But, before we get to those home remedies, let us explain what these ear infections are all about.

An ear infection, or “acute otitis media,” happens in the middle part of the ear by either a viral or bacterial infection. The reason why ear infections are so painful is because they cause inflammation and create a build-up of fluid in the middle ear.


Generally, ear infections can clear up on their own, but if they are serious enough, treating ear infections may require antibiotics. But there are measures you can take to not only offer pain relief for ear infections but even help to get rid of ear infections, naturally.

Home Remedies for Middle Ear Infections

Instead of waiting for the infection to subside on its own, why not be proactive and try these natural remedies instead. Treating ear infections is easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home, and these tips can help.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

It seems apple cider vinegar can be used to treat so many ailments, so it shouldn’t surprise you that it also makes the list of how to get rid of ear infections naturally. As an effective home remedy for ear infections, apple cider vinegar works to remove the fungus from the ear. It does this by changing the pH levels within the ear, preventing bacteria to thrive. So if you’re looking for how to deal with ear infection pain, apple cider vinegar is a safe bet.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar:

Dilute some apple cider vinegar with room-temperature water and add a few drops to the ear. Cover the ear with a cotton ball and lie on your side so the infected ear is facing up. By allowing the apple cider vinegar mixture to seep into the ear, you will have natural pain relief for ear infections.

Olive Oil:

When wax builds up in the ear, you can become more prone to an ear infection, so a good way for treating an ear infection is to remove the wax.

How to Use Olive Oil:

Instead of trying to stick a cotton swab in the ear, which can cause harm, olive oil naturally breaks up the wax.

Similar to the apple cider vinegar mixture, simply put a few drops of olive oil directly in the ear. Allow it some time to settle in, so it can work properly. You will find that the wax will soften, break apart and be much easier to remove.


When it comes to pain relief for ear infections, take a look at your spice rack. Salt is an effective means of treating ear infections; in particular, it helps deal with ear infection pain.

How to Use Salt:

Start by heating some salt in the microwave – this should not come out hot, just warm. Pour the warmed-up salt into a sock and place it directly on the infected ear. The heat can reduce inflammation as well as pain. This can also be done as needed throughout the day.

Tea Tree Oil:

Due to its mild antibacterial properties, tea tree is an excellent at-home remedy for an ear infection. According to the National Medicines Comprehensive Database, tea tree oil has been recognized for its effectiveness in killing bacteria and fungus. When it comes to treating ear infections, taking out bacteria and fungus is key.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil:

The oil should be mixed along with olive oil and apple cider vinegar and slightly warmed up. A few drops should be put in the ear so it can sink in. You will find that you do receive pain relief from an ear infection with this method.


Also part of home remedies for ear infections is garlic, an all-around health hero. Whether you have a sore throat or even a cough, garlic often is used as a natural means of healing in traditional herbal medicine.

How to Use Garlic:

You want to use garlic juice for pain relief for infections and you start by boiling garlic cloves.

Once the garlic is boiled, continue to crush it and wrap it up in a clean cloth. Like the salt treatment, place the cloth full of boiled garlic on the infected ear and use it when needed.


If your infection isn’t too major, basil is a great option to reduce the infection and ease the pain.

How to Use Basil:

Crush up some fresh basil and apply the juice around your ear. Do not allow the basil juice to enter the ear. You can also combine the basil juice with some coconut oil and rub the mixture around the infected area.


Onions, like garlic, have many medicinal properties.

How to Use Onions:

To achieve pain relief for ear infections with an onion, first heat it up. Once you have the juice from the onion, apply a few drops to the ear. Let the juice sit in the ear for a short while then turn your head so it can drain out.

Apply Heat:

Heat can be an effective means of pain relief for ear infections because it can loosen up the wax and ease some of the pain you may be feeling. Whether you use a warm water bottle, a heating pad, or even warming up a cloth, as long as these items are not hot, but just warm enough to place on the ear, they are safe to use as home remedies for ear infections.

Lifestyle Changing Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

If ear infections are not dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner, it could cause hearing loss. To prevent hearing loss, some easy lifestyle tips can be put in place to help reduce the risks.

Avoid Loud Noises

One of the best ways to avoid hearing loss is to avoid loud noises. Generally, noise is considered too loud if you need to raise your voice to talk to other people, you can’t hear what people nearby are saying, it hurts your ears, or if you have ringing in your ears after the noise stops.

Manage Your Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that those with high blood pressure are 52% more likely to have hearing loss. Blood pressure management can include proper diet, exercise, and stress management.

Quit Smoking

Smokers are at risk for hearing loss, according to recent research. However, those who are exposed to secondhand smoke are even more likely to develop hearing problems. The hazardous consequences of secondhand smoke are not only about hearing loss, it has a long list of health risks.

Lose Some Weight

Hearing loss increases along with BMI and weight. The risk of hearing loss increases by 17% for mildly obese people, and for moderately obese people, the risk increases to 25%.

Keep Diabetes Under Control

Type 2 diabetes can affect blood vessels which may become damaged and unable to deliver the nutrients needed throughout the body. Hearing can be affected by these damaged blood vessels. It is crucial to safeguard hearing by taking the appropriate steps when diagnosed with diabetes.

Exercise And Practice Stress Reduction

Exercise improves blood flow and helps to keep ear health in good condition. Stress reduction is important for so many health conditions, including hearing. It is essential to keep physically and mentally healthy to reduce hearing loss and overall health.

Be Aware of Drugs That Cause Hearing Loss

Over-the-counter drugs are prescribed at high rates across the United States. But what many people are unaware of is their side effects, including hearing loss. Before starting any new medications, talk to the doctor about any risks.

Natural and Safe Ear Infection Remedies


As you can see, when it comes to treating ear infections, your home contains many items you need so you can obtain pain relief for ear infections easily. Getting rid of an ear infection naturally is safe and cost-effective, too, so you can feel good about trying out some of these methods.

From items that can be found in your pantry or spice rack, these natural solutions for treating an ear infection are safe and can be done as often as required.

The next time you start feeling that deep pain in your ear, try combating the symptoms of an ear infection with these easy home remedies for ear infections.


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