Do this…achieve all day energy

Do this…achieve all day energyHow often do you say you’re tired, you need a nap or that you just don’t have the energy to get through the day? If it’s too many times to count, then you have yourself a low-energy problem. Maybe you’re always stuck in traffic, have endless errands to run, or there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. Relax. Take a breath. Let us help.

Energy is important; it’s what gives us the vigor to get stuff done. Diet, stress and poor sleep can all contribute to low energy, but you don’t have to be a victim. In fact, you can set yourself up for all-day energy every day, if you follow these tips.



Guide to a fatigue-free day


Guide to a fatigue-free dayMornings can be hard, especially if you didn’t sleep well the night before. But don’t let a lack of sleep hinder your fatigue-free day. When you wake up, even though it may seem difficult, try to get out for a stroll and take in that morning air. The early morning sun will get your circadian clock ticking and provide you with a burst of energy.

Upon your arrival back home opt for a glass of lemon water. Hydration is essential for energy, and lemon water can aid in detoxification, so you’ll feel better as well. Once you’re hydrated grab some breakfast, but not the coffee and donut kind. Your breakfast should contain protein and fiber, so you’ll feel awake, energized and full.

Now that you’re fueled up and out the door you may encounter traffic – that’s enough to drain just about anyone. Don’t take this as an opportunity to stress, rather take this moment of being alone to meditate by practicing deep breathing. Not only does deep breathing calm you down, but it energizes you as well.

At the office, especially if you’re stuck at a desk, you may find yourself slouching and getting tired. Remember to take breaks – stand up, stretch your arms and often look away from your computer screen to give your eyes a break.


Guide to a fatigue-free dayNow it’s lunchtime, and a good way to refuel is by consuming a lunch that contains energy-boosting foods, such as salmon and quinoa. Stay away from the vending machine or fast food joints – they will only send you on a sugar crash to sleepville.

Post-lunch you’ll be feeling full and tired, but wait until at least 1:30 p.m. to have a cup of coffee along with some shut-down time to recharge. Coffee will be most effective at this time of the day.

Once again, to get through the afternoon slump ensure you are stretching, taking standing breaks and of course diverting your eyes.

By 3:30 p.m. the sugar craving starts to hit, but stay strong and still avoid the vending machine. Instead, stick with snack foods that have potassium, such as coconut water or carrot juice.


Guide to a fatigue-free dayYou made it through your day and you’re heading home. Your first instinct may be to crash on the couch, but instead try gardening or taking a seat outside for a while. Being in nature has been shown to not only have calming effects, but energizing ones as well.

For dinner don’t pop a dish from the freezer to the microwave. Furthermore, dinner should be your lightest meal of the day. Stick with more veggies and lean protein options as opposed to red meat, which can be heavy and hard to digest, thus keeping you up at night.

Post-dinner take a 15-minute stroll, as long as it’s not too close to bedtime (we’re thinking 7:30 p.m.). When it does get closer to bed put away all your technological devices, and don’t fall asleep with the TV on, it will just keep your brain wired while you try to sleep. Create instead a relaxing nighttime routine which promotes sleep. This may involve taking a bath, snacking on walnuts or drinking tart cherry juice – all known to promote sleep.

Now that you’ve created a positive sleep routine, ensure your bedroom also promotes sleep by keeping it at a cool temperature and turning off any light sources.

If you follow this routine not only will you stay energized throughout the day, but you can improve your sleep as well, which will help you get closer to having a fatigue-free day.

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