Yogurt may boost sex drive and enhance fertility in men, besides helping in weight loss

yogurt-boosts-sex-drive-in-menAn interesting new study is showing that yogurt could possibly add “libido enhancer” to its long list of benefits.

Cancer biologist’s Susan Erdman and Geneticist Eric Alm conducted the study with an initial aim of seeing if yogurt was considered key in promoting effective weight loss as people age. The results were shocking as the researchers found that not only was there effects on weight loss, but also on sex drive, fertility and general good health.

What yogurt can mean for your good health – and sexual health, too.


The study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was performed on 40 male and 40 female mice, and was originally going to be used to try and find a connection between the consumption of yogurt and obesity. Researchers were surprised when they noticed, that after being fed a diet which included vanilla yogurt, the mouse test group noticed a heightened sex drive.

The test rodents that ate the vanilla yogurt developed testicles that and 15% heavier than mice that ate only junk food. Not only that, but the female mice who were in the yogurt group had larger litters.

As well, the males in the yogurt test group were noted to have considerably more sexual confidence, which researchers say could be because of the probiotics in the yogurt. Authors say this could be because the yogurt helps digestion which could lead to better overall digestion and good health, which results in a more healthy and confident mouse.

Good health, fertility, and libido levels

Researchers are the first to say that just because these results show promise, doesn’t mean that adding loads of yogurt to your diet will improve good health, fertility and libido levels in everyone. However, the results do show that having a healthy diet that’s low in fast food and junk food is a good way to promote good health overall, which could have the trickle-down effect in the bedroom, as well.

The results were not one dimensional to weight loss either. Another positive result on the mouse test group had to do with their fur. The yogurt-fed mice were shown to have softer and healthier fur, which lends itself While the results are based on an animal study, the effects of yogurt have long been promoted.

Below are a few other ways in which yogurt can promote good overall health.

1. Yogurt and colon health.
Not the junk food variety that is high calorie and super sweet either. But real yogurt contains lactobacteria, a “friendly” bacterial culture that can help to foster a healthy colon.

2. Yogurt and immune health.
The same friendly bacterial cultures in yogurt have been shown to boost white cells in the bloodstream, which could help to support your immune system and promote good health.
3. Yogurt preventing yeast infections.
Some research has shown that eating a daily serving of yogurt (not the high sugar, flavored kind) that contains live and active cultures daily reduces the amount of yeast and can, therefore decreases the chance of a vaginal yeast infection.

4. Yogurt and weight loss
Studies have shown that people who consume at least 18 ounces of yogurt a day lost more weight, have a flatter stomach, and retained more lean muscle compared to individuals who didn’t eat yogurt.


5. Yogurt may prevent blood pressure
Due to yogurt being high in potassium it can help flush out excess sodium in the body helping prevent high blood pressure.

6. Yogurt can make you happy
A study found that those who consumed vanilla yogurt had improvements in their mood.

As you can see yogurt can offer many different health benefits and so you should try to incorporate it as much as possible into your daily diet.



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