The 8 worst things you are doing to your eyes

habits that are hurting your eyesAlthough sitting too close to the television won’t affect your vision, there are other habits you probably do on the daily that can. The eyes are very sensitive, so it doesn’t take much to cause damage or even infection, which can have serious consequences on your vision. So, you will want to avoid the following eight habits, as they can wreak havoc on your eyesight.

8 habits that are hurting your eyes

Using the same contact lens case: Bacteria can accumulate in an old contact lens case, which then transfers to your contacts. It is recommended that you toss out your contact lens case every three to four months to ensure you don’t develop any infections.


Rubbing your eyes: Rubbing your eyes may feel good, but you could be causing damage. For starters, vigorously rubbing your eyes could cause those tiny blood vessels to burst. Secondly, rubbing your dirty hands on your eyes can transfer bacteria. Lastly, rubbing your eyes can actually cause them to feel more irritated. Rather than rubbing your eyes directly, rub around the eyes—with clean hands, of course.

Touching your eyes: Similar to rubbing your eyes, you should avoid touching them altogether, especially if you haven’t washed your hands. One study found that the average person touches their face on average 16 times in one hour! That is way too many chances for bacteria to spread to your eyes.

Picking your eyelashes: Eyelashes exist to prevent dirt and debris from entering the eyes. So, if you’re picking your eyelashes, then you’re removing your eyes protection. Eyelash picking can be triggered by stress or anxiety, so combating stress or anxiety can help you stop this dangerous habit.
Using water or spit to clean your contact lenses: Dirty contact lenses can be dangerous to your eyes, so you want to make sure you’re using a proper cleaning solution to clean them as opposed to water or spit.

Swimming without goggles: Even if they don’t look the best, they offer protection to your eyes against harmful pool chemicals.


Constantly using Visine: Using artificial tears or eye lubricants can actually cause your eyes to appear redder. Your eyes become accustomed to the use of the lubricants, which restrict the blood vessels. Once you stop using them, those vessels dilate, causing your eyes to appear redder. Keep your use of fake tears to a minimum.

Not wearing protective eyewear: Not wearing sunglasses can put your eyes in danger, as the sun’s rays are more troublesome than you think. Once again, protective eyewear may not look cute but protecting your vision is what’s important.

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