Weekly Health News: Inner thigh pain, bladder diverticulum, urine smell, extensor tendonitis, ear flutter

inner thigh painAnother week has gone by, which means it’s time for your weekly healthy news roundup. We have discussed a bunch of great topics this week and we have taken the time to compile a list of the best articles for your reading pleasure. You will find information on the causes of inner thigh pain, what is a bladder diverticulum and how you can treat it as well as the reasons why your urine smells like fish. To better round off your week, we have included articles on extensor tendonitis and the causes, symptoms, and treatments for ear flutters.

What causes inner thigh pain?

Inner thigh pain can be uncomfortable and brief or it can be lasting and debilitating. Depending on the cause of the pain, you may need to seek medical attention and treatment.


Inner thigh pain can be different for each individual. Just how the pain presents itself depends on what the underlying cause is, but some people describe it as a sharp pain in the inner thigh – the kind of jolt that keeps a person awake at night. In many cases, inner thigh muscle pain can be due to intense physical exercise; a sign that you have overdone it. Continue reading…

 bladder diverticulumWhat causes bladder diverticulum? Symptoms and treatment

Bladder diverticulum is a condition that someone can be born with or it can be acquired later on in life. While the congenital form rarely requires any specific treatment, those who acquire bladder diverticulum later often need some kind of medical care.

The condition presents as a pouch on the bladder wall. In the case of congenital bladder diverticulum, some of the bladder lining pokes through a weak section of the bladder wall. In children, there is usually just one pouch. However, with acquired diverticulum, there is often more than one pouch, so it is called bladder diverticula. Continue reading…

why your urine smells like fishWhy your urine smells like fish: Causes and remedies

Discovering that your urine smells like fish can raise many concerns about personal hygiene and overall health. While urine does have a normally subtle odor of its own, it may take on other pungent odors from time to time. This is common in both males and females and is possibly due to underlying conditions.

Fishy smelling urine can be the result of several conditions affecting the urinary tract. This may be the result of infection, metabolic disease, or simply a side effect of a medication. Continue reading…

extensor tendonitisExtensor tendonitis: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Extensor tendonitis of the foot refers to inflammation of the tendon that resides within. Tendons are flexible but inelastic cords of strong fibrous collagen tissue that attach muscles to bone. In some cases, they can become inflamed, leading to tendonitis.


The reason you can extend your toes upward is because of the extensor hallucis longus muscle, which runs down from the knee to the ankle and over the top of the foot, then divides into two parts. One part is attached to the big toe, while the other is attached to the tips of the remaining toes of the foot. The tendon found in the foot is responsible for helping us pull the toes upward, called toe extensions. Continue reading…

fluttering in earFluttering in ear: Causes, symptoms, and treatment remedies

Experiencing fluttering in the ear is a relatively common abnormality experienced by many people. It is often the sign of a problem occurring within the delicate structures of the ear. While some instances of ear flutter are benign, some cases may worsen, not permanently go away despite all efforts if left untreated.

Having a fluttering sound in the ear can be very annoying and even lead to distress. It can make us fixated on what is causing this sensation in the ears, often distracting us from other things in life. It can even lead to anxiety, lack of sleep, poor school or work performance, and even decreased mood. Continue reading…


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