7 ways to improve your vision

Person Pouring Drops In Eyes With Eyedropper.Aging affects all parts of our body in one way or another – including our vision and eye health. One common condition many seniors experience is known as dry eye, and it can result from allergies, air pollution, weather conditions, and of course, aging. Most common among women during menopause, dry eye is an irritating condition that can really take a toll on your daily life.

It’s important then that you keep your eyes lubricated to prevent dryness. Here are seven tricks to keep your eyes happy.

7 tips to prevent dry eyes


Take a break from the computer: If you regularly use a computer, or any electronic device with a screen, there is a very good chance that your eyes will become dry. This is because we tend to stare at the screen with minimal blinking. Blinking helps keep our eyes moist, so to protect your eyes follow the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes you look at the screen, look away for 20 seconds at something that is 20 feet away.

Use lubricating eye drops: Over-the-counter eye drops are an easy way to keep your eyes well lubricated. Look for products without preservatives, as those can further irritate your eyes.

Eat more fish: Fish is packed with omega-3s, which work to reduce inflammation throughout the body, eyes included. Opt for fish like salmon as a good source of omega-3s.
Avoid contacts: Although contacts are a great way to correct your vision, they are also a large contributor to dry eyes. If you can’t do without contacts during the day, take them off the moment you get home and swap them for glasses instead. If you must wear contacts for prolonged periods of time, use eye drops to prevent dryness.

Add moisture to your environment: If your home is dry, your eyes will be too. Investing in a humidifier is an easy way to add moisture indoors to prevent dry eyes.


Check your medications: Sometimes, dry eyes can be a result of medications, especially antihistamines. Ask your doctor about any alternatives to medications you are taking if you notice dry eyes as a side effect.

Perform eye massages: Just like your body needs a massage from time to time, your eyes do, too. For a simple eye massage, rub your hands together to generate heat and cup them over your eyes. Then gently move your hands up to apply a light pressure on the eyes with the heel of your palm.

Dry eyes is not a necessary evil, and these preventative tips can definitely help you lower your risk of developing eye dryness.