How to wake up beautiful every morning

How to wake up beautiful every morningSleep… what isn’t it good for? When we catch a cold, the best treatment is to stay in bed as long as possible. When something’s bothering us and keeping our spirits low, the best way to cheer up and forget our worries is to sleep it off. When a big event is coming up and we want to be in tip-top shape, what do we do the night before? You guessed it right, we make sure we get a good night’s sleep to be well-rested and energized.

You can’t help but notice the difference in the mirror after quality shuteye, no matter what age you are. Everything is different—the look in your eyes, the tone of your skin, the appearance of fine lines. And it’s no wonder why: if you let your body recharge and repair itself properly, you’ll see the results.


First and foremost, it all starts with healthy sleep. If you have difficulty falling asleep night after night, your first step is to find out the cause of your struggles. Try changing your lifestyle, your nighttime rituals, your food and beverage choices. You want to make sure that you not only fall asleep fast but also sleep through the night. (Fall asleep fast and sleep all night.)
Once you’ve won your sleep back, the following tricks will enhance your appearance and really make that sleep real “beauty sleep”:

  • Choose silk or satin pillowcases. The gliding texture of these fabrics will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, as there will be less friction between your face and your pillow. Plus, silk is gentler on the hair, so you’ll have less detangling to do the next morning.
  • You sleep with your face on your pillow for seven to eight hours a night, so you want to make sure your skin isn’t in contact with any bacteria or dirt. For that reason, wash your pillowcases often, and flip your pillows over every day.
  • Sleeping on your back is considered to be the healthiest sleeping position, and now there’s an extra advantage to it: it doesn’t promote the formation of creases and wrinkles associated with repeated pressure of sleeping on your side or on your stomach with your face deep into the pillow.
  • Water is life, you know it. And it’s essential for a healthy, youthful appearance. How do you keep yourself hydrated at night? Use a humidifier to counteract the impact of dry indoor air due to central heating and air conditioning.
  • Resist your nighttime cravings. In other words, don’t drink alcohol and consume any foods rich in sodium. Alcohol and salt are dehydrating, and as a result, your body starts retaining fluids, which shows up in a form of morning puffiness around the eyes. For best results, add another, smaller pillow underneath your main pillow.

Morning is the time when we are supposed to feel and look our best after a night-long of a good, recharging sleep. By improving your sleep hygiene, taking care of your sleep quality and adding these simple fixes into your routine, you can start looking forward to the mornings—and to your own reflection in the mirror—again. (Uncover the 3 hidden causes of sleep loss.)


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