Trouble sleeping? Try this simple fix

sleepEven if you normally get a good night’s sleep, that one night of tossing and turning can really put a damper on your week ahead. Whether you constantly battle to get some shut eye or poor sleep is a rare but still unpleasant occurrence for you, we have a simple solution to your nagging sleep problems that’s definitely worth a try.

Sleep is an integral part to being healthy. When we don’t sleep well, we put ourselves up for many health threats and complications. Chronic poor sleep has been associated with high blood pressure, depression, high cholesterol, and even increased risk of heart disease and stroke. For those reasons alone, you can see why it’s so important to get a good night’s rest.

10-minute fix for better sleep


Got 10 minutes? We’re sure you do, so why not use that time to improve your sleep. Studies have shown performing 10 minutes of tension-taming technique prior to bed can significantly improve your sleep quality. The technique involves different types of deep breathing exercises and imagery, whatever you choose.

The study found that this technique reduced stress – a common cause of poor sleep – in 65 percent of participants.

Interested in trying this technique and improving your sleep? It’s pretty simple. For 10 minutes prior to bed, practice deep breathing along with guided imagery – focus on a specific image or sensation evoking emotions you want to feel. Not sure what to think of? There are many guided imagery examples you can find online.

Another great idea is to begin reducing stress throughout the day, so by the time you go to sleep you’re not a tightly wound ball of stress. Here are some tips to reduce stress way before your bedtime call.

  • Give yourself a hug to release some feel-good hormones.
  • Relax your tongue and jaw, or allow your tongue to go limp from your mouth. This helps align the parasympathetic nervous system, which tells your body to reset and restore.
  • Focus on your exhale.
  • Think sensually – listen to your favorite music, take a hot shower, etc.

By following these tips, you can reduce your level of stress during the day, making you calmer by the time you have to go to bed.


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