7 tricks to boost your memory

Senior African couple looking at photo albumMemory problems are common in old age, but that doesn’t mean they have to affect you. Instead of letting important dates slide by or everyday items go missing forever, work on improving your memory and stay as sharp as you have always been. You may ask, how?

7 tricks for sharper memory

Sleep: Sleep helps the brain think more creatively and improves the memory. All that we learned throughout the day becomes categorized while we are asleep, so that we can recall it later on. If you don’t sleep well, then your recalling ability is reduced. Ensure you are sleeping well each night or else you could become quite forgetful.


Challenge yourself: Just because you’re older doesn’t mean there aren’t new things to learn. By frequently learning new concepts or testing your memory, you are working to improve it. As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it.”

Fight infection: Did you know the bacteria H.pylori can damage your brain? It’s true. Even though H.pylori is commonly associated with the digestive system, there is more and more research to suggest it can affect the brain, too.

Although antibiotics can treat H.pylori, the bacteria are becoming resistant to this mode of treatment. To avoid developing antibiotic resistance, try natural antibiotics for less severe cases. Cranberry juice, oregano oil, honey, and garlic are all natural antibiotics. Incorporating these into your diet can help fight off the infection.
Do something new: Switch up your commute, try a new food, or even watch a different TV show. Anything you do that is new will spark new brain cells, helping improve memory.

Reduce stress: Stress is harmful for overall health, and it can deplete energy from the brain. Chronic stress has been linked to gradual memory loss because the constant release of stress hormones decreases your brain’s ability to use glucose for energy. Find helpful ways to reduce stress like exercise or meditation, and if stress is too much to handle on your own, consult with a therapist.


Stretch muscles and ride a bike: Studies have shown spending time stretching your muscles and bike riding can improve memory. If you’re not into cycling, exercise in general has been shown to boost brain power as well.

Don’t overeat: Research has shown that overeating can double your risk of memory loss, so really pay attention to your portions.

By incorporating these memory-boosting tricks into your daily life, you can help improve your memory and have a clear mind for years to come.



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