Tips to instantly improve your diet

tips to improve dietThey don’t call it fast food for just any reason. Fast food is appealing because, well, it’s fast! And with many of us living busy lives it can be difficult to eat right – even though we all know we should!

However, it is possible to eat well; with proper planning and these helpful tips you can instantly improve your diet and eat better.

Four ways to instantly improve your diet


Stock-up on healthy food

You can’t possibly eat apples if you don’t have any in your house, and if you have a bag of chips you will probably reach for those first. The easiest way to eat better is to surround yourself with better food options.

Keeping fresh fruits and vegetables in the home leaves you no other choice than to munch on them and basically fool-proofs your diet plan to be better.

Utilize the night before

It would be great if we had time in the morning to make freshly squeezed orange juice or a complicated omelet but many of us sadly do not. Instead we reach for some packaged pastry, pour our coffee into a travel mug and jet out.

Instead of adding more stress to your morning, prepare your breakfast the night before. For example, you can prepare all the ingredients for a smoothie in a freezer bag so all you have to do is blend in the a.m. Better yet, just make the smoothie at night and drink it in the morning. Another great tip is to make a frittata at night. This egg pancake keeps very well in the refrigerator, making it practical and easy to consume in the morning.

Power up your soup

The best part about a soup is its creaminess – take that out and you’re basically consuming hot flavored water. But the addition of cream also means the addition of fat and unwanted calories. A simple and healthier way to enjoy soup – creaminess and all – is to thicken it up with cauliflower. The benefit of this trick is that cauliflower is a superfood in its own right. You will get added nutritional value from your soup, along with that creamy texture you love.

Spice up your water

If the thought of drinking countless bottles of regular water bores you, don’t just head out and purchase some flavored water at the store. Although convenient, those flavored waters pack unwanted ingredients like sugar. Instead, opt to make your own flavored water which can actually benefit your health.

Herbs, fruits and vegetables can all be added to water to release their flavors and improve the taste of your water. Adding something as simple as cucumber or lemon, or more complicated combinations like ginger, lemon and mint won’t just make your water tastier but can provide health benefits as well.

These are just four ways to improve your diet instantly, but there are numerous other techniques to start eating better today. Even small steps are enough to help you eat better without too much fuss.

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