Tips to Slow down Age-Related Memory Loss

memory loss tipsUnfortunately, a lot of things tend to decline as we age. Hearing, vision, mobility, and even memory begin to deplete as the years go on. But these declines are not necessarily an inevitable part of aging.

In regard to memory loss, there are some things you can do to slow down this process. including:


Staying mentally active: Crosswords, puzzles, or computer training games as a great way to keep your mind active.

Be social: Staying social has been found to ward off depression, which can reduce memory. Sociability has also been linked with longevity.

Brain training: Brain training comes in the form of learning something new, whether this is a language or a skill.

Sleep well: When we sleep, this allows the brain to clean up any “junk” that can be lying around, which can contribute to memory loss.

Stay physically active: Physical exercise has also been found to benefit the brain. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help improve memory, cognition, and reduce brain shrinkage. You don’t have to hit the gym to get these benefits. Any type of physical activity is good, like swimming, walking, gardening, cleaning the house, playing with grandchildren, or even working with a physical therapist to improve mobility.


Eat a healthy diet: Diet goes a long way in protecting the brain because that is where we get all our nutrients that fuel our brain and overall health from. When we eat unhealthily, that increases blood pressure and cholesterol, which can negatively impact the brain. Therefore, sticking to a healthy balanced diet can work to improve memory.

By incorporating these simple tips into your everyday life, you can work to slow down age-related memory loss and live a healthier life overall.

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