This Saved My Mother’s Life. And Now It Could Save Yours – for FREE

101891086As I eagerly thumb these words into my iPhone, I keep glancing up wide-eyed at my mother swimming in her indoor condo pool with my two young sons. Splashing and laughing, my 70 year old mother picks up my three year old son and swings him around the pool, and then quickly swims away for cover as my six year old starts to playfully splash at her in retaliation.

This scene may seem like just another Sunday visit to Grandma’s house for many of you. But for me, what I am witnessing this afternoon has been nothing short of incredible, something I never imagined I’d see with my own two eyes. As a man of science who has refused to build his business upon anything less than proven medical truths, even I can’t help but feel utter astonishment when I see those truths play out so incredibly in my own personal life.


You see, just three months ago, visits with Grandma didn’t happen at the pool. They happened upstairs in Grandma’s apartment, which we would have to let ourselves into as it took Grandma increasingly longer and longer to get to the front door herself. After each boy would approach to dutifully kiss her on the cheek, the next hour was spent trying to still their restless nagging to go back home. This is because, for the duration of our visit, Grandma wasn’t able to do very much with the boys that was of any interest to them, due to knees so disfigured and pained from swelling that they were barely recognizable.

Taking my usual seat across from her, I have to admit that these visits were starting to take their toll on me as well. Looking at my mother – the same woman who once regularly chased me up and down the stairs as a mischievous little boy – now unable to even lower her self to the carpet to play with her grandsons was becoming an increasingly depressing experience. The mood would become even more grim as she would then proceed to describe the daily pain and discomfort she experienced in her hips and knees, and how even lying down at night became a physical torture, not allowing her to sleep at night. No longer able to go out and enjoy the company of long-time friends, her once flourishing social life dwindled down to days spent alone. And experiencing no relief from her doctors and the many pain killers they were prescribing her, she even cancelled her much awaited-for travel plans, which she had been eagerly looking forward to for many months.

These weekly visits turned into a successive series of frustrated heartbreak, watching my mother’s temperament and quality of life spiral downwards while she continued to refuse any help from me – even though my profession is based in healthcare!

And then, one day, I finally snapped. She showed me the latest prescription pain killer medication that she had been given by her doctor. “Mom,” I exploded, recognizing the brand immediately, “are you crazy?! You can’t take these! This medication is extremely powerful, and studies have documented some very serious long-term side-effects from taking these!”  She admitted that she knew they weren’t curing her or fixing the root of the problem; but it was the only thing that could sufficiently mask her pain enough to provide some temporary relief.

But I had seen enough, and finally put my foot down to my proud and strong-willed mother. “I know I’m your son, and you never want to listen to me, but I’ve had years of experience in this industry! And if it’s good enough for doctors, and good enough for the joint pain of thousands of raving and satisfied customers, than it is good enough for YOU! So just try our newest joint product Ma! At least just try it!”  I came back to her apartment the very next day, dumped three months worth of Joint Rescue bottles onto her antique dining room table, and began adding one Joint Rescue pill to the colorful myriad of other pills inside each daily compartment of her weekly pill box.

The response to my actions didn’t take very long – in fact, even I couldn’t believe how quickly it came. Or how incredibly shocking and dramatic it could be…

In as little as two weeks, my mother’s pain killers disappeared from her pill box – she said she just didn’t need them anymore. Within the month, her once swollen and distended knees began to appear normal and healthy again, and the pain in her hips was virtually gone. My head whipped around in shock as, one afternoon, I watched my mother race after my three year old, who had nabbed one of her beloved ceramic figurines and was haphazardly running around her apartment with it. My jaw dropped as she grabbed him, tickled him, and got down on her knees to the floor with him in a fit of giggles!

“Jim,” she casually called out over her shoulder to me, “I’ve only got one more bottle of your joint pills here, and I just booked a trip away. So please remember to bring over plenty more next week.” I threw her my I-told-you-so face – but, of course, she ignored me and didn’t allow me the satisfaction. She’ll deny that “I told her so” till the end of her days – that’s just my Ma for you. But what she no longer denies is that Joint Rescue changed her life in ways she never dreamed of or thought possible. And I have to be honest with you – even I never imagined that the results could be so incredibly eye-popping and dramatic. Not until I saw it with my own two eyes.

And so now, as I sit here smiling and watching my laughing mother kick chlorinated pool water at my delighted little boys, I’ve realized that the only way I’m going to make you as confident as I am about Joint Rescue is to allow you to have the incredible experience, pleasure, and freedom of seeing it happen with your own two eyes, and in your own body.

Joint Pain Doesn’t Have to Destroy Your Life

In honor of my mother, I pledge to personally purchase two full cases of Joint Rescue; that’s 48 bottles of Joint Rescue, at a cost of $50.00 a bottle. From the day you receive this, I want to give away my Joint Rescue bottles, as a FREE gift, one bottle to the first 48 Health eTalk newsletter subscribers who email me at or call my customer service team at 1-866-531-0466. Be one of the first 48 people to call or email us,  and let us know that you have read my mother’s story. For only the cost of delivery ($7.99 for Canada and the US), I ask you to please accept my free gift of one bottle of Joint Rescue. It helped to save my mother’s life, and it could make all the difference in your own personal battle with the misery of joint pain.

I’m confident – more than I’ve ever been before – that trying Joint Rescue for yourself is the only way that you’ll see, and experience first-hand, exactly what I mean.

And I’m confident that if you don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by, as my mother almost did, it will be something that you will never regret.



Yours in Good Health,


Jim Chiang


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