Joint Pain

Video Home Exercise Helps Joint Pain

Do you suffer from joint pain or joint stiffness? Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis? According to Osteoporosis Canada, osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and the deterioration of bone tissue, which leads to increased bone fragility and the risk of broken bones, especially bones of the hip, spine and here to read more

5 Pains You Shouldn’t Ignore

Pain presents itself in a variety of forms ranging from inflammation and joint pain to pins and needles. Although some types of pain, such as those caused by a paper cut, are benign and will heal on their own, others may be a sign that something is very wrong with your body, and should not here to read more

Relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis

The numbers are staggering…about one out of 100 Canadians has rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis ailments are now the leading cause of disability in Canada and since there is no cure, the focus is on controlling the symptoms to bring patients pain relief. Although the symptoms can be different for each sufferer, the main characteristics are swelling, here to read more

Prevent Arthritis and Feel Younger for Longer

Have you ever noticed that your joints feel achy or stiff, especially when it rains?  This could be a sign of arthritis.  Chances are, this pain isn’t doing anything to help you feel younger.  This could be because arthritis, simply put, means joint pain and inflammation. Arthritis consists of over 100 different conditions, ranging in here to read more

Top Tips For Joint Pain

Joint pain and joint stiffness is all too common, and one of the top reasons people visit their healthcare practitioners. Gaining weight, sports injuries, slips and falls as well as simply getting older can all lead to joint pain, joint stiffness and in many cases, arthritis. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that here to read more

Important Facts You Need to Know About Back Pain defines Chiropractics as “a health care profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system with a unique focus on spinal manipulation…” But what is the most common reason people go to their Chiropractor? That’s right, back pain! This common type of pain may have started suddenly, or here to read more

Reverse Aging Using Chiropractic Care

The human body needs to struggle to survive. It’s estimated that the human body must withstand thousands of individual assaults from free radicals. Yet amazingly, the body has the ability to heal itself and rebuild the damage. Chiropractic care becomes important in the anti-aging battle because it aids in joints regaining their full range of here to read more

8 Posture Changes to Manage Pain

A good starting point for this issue is undoubtedly good posture. Chronic pain affects millions of people and has now become a problem of epidemic proportions. People are suffering and searching for answers, but there doesn’t seem to be a definitive solution to resolving it. 1. Keep Yourself Aligned While seated, sit up straight and here to read more