7 symptoms you need to watch out for

7 unusual symptoms related to menopauseIf I ask you to list some common symptoms associated with menopause, you’ll probably say hot flashes, brain fog, stoppage of menstruation, and sleep problems. Yes, these are symptoms of menopause, but there are several other symptoms that women may not be aware of or not even realize are associated with menopause.

Here are seven symptoms that you may not know are a part of menopause.

7 unusual symptoms related to menopause


Hair loss: As changes in female hormones occur, there is a greater risk of hair loss. Hair can thin and fall out as a result of lack of production of estrogen and progesterone.

Allergies: Along with hormonal changes, immune changes occur too. This can increase sensitivity to certain allergies which may have previously gone unnoticed.

Brittle nails: Fluctuating hormone levels can leave nails brittle and weak.

Changes in body odor: Hot flashes and night sweats can lead to you smelling a bit differently.

Burning tongue: A hormonal imbalance can cause the tongue to feel as if it is burning, itchy, tasting metallic, numb, or dry.


Electric shock sensations: Reduced progesterone can affect the nervous system, which can leave some women feeling as if they are experiencing electric shocks in their hands or inner layers of the skin. This may even occur prior to hot flashes.

Tingling extremities: Tingling sensations in the hands, feet, legs, and arms can result from fluctuating hormones.

If you experience these symptoms and you are a female, then they could be attributed to menopause. If you weren’t familiar with these symptoms before and were worried about experiencing them, you now have a better understanding that they could be a part of menopause.



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