Stop Believing These Common Myths

testosterone mythsWhen you think of testosterone, you probably think of sex. You aren’t entirely wrong, but that’s only one aspect of testosterone.

Here are some facts you need to know about testosterone so that you better understand it.

Myths about Testosterone


High testosterone leads to an uncontrolled sex drive: Yes, it is true that testosterone plays a role in libido, but having too much won’t turn you into a sex fiend. This myth originates because testosterone therapy is often used to treat low libido, but having high levels won’t cause a person to become a sexual maniac.

Drinking green tea boosts testosterone: There is no evidence to support this myth. The myth may have gained popularity because green tea is high in antioxidants and is a popular health drink. There is some research that supports high green tea intake can actually diminish testosterone levels, so you may want to monitor your intake.

Testosterone replacement therapy harms the liver: Back when testosterone therapy was administered orally, it was believed that the liver could not break down certain enzymes, which could then harm the liver. Nowadays, testosterone therapy can be done through several other forms like patches and gels, which puts less stress on the liver.

High cholesterol reduces testosterone: Cholesterol is dangerous to the heart, but there isn’t evidence to suggest it can lower testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone is produced from cholesterol, so it could aid in making more of it.

Believing any type of myth is often not advised as these are beliefs that have been made up. If you ever hear information regarding testosterone, before trying it or believing it yourself, speak to your doctor to get the facts or you could be causing more harm than good.

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