Start feeling more energetic with these 6 fixes

Start feeling more energy with these 6 fixesDo you wake up still feeling groggy and tired? Does that 3 pm slump have you ready to snooze? From time to time, we all experience a dip in our energy levels, and there are numerous reasons why we feel more tired on certain days and energized on others. But if you’re tired everyday no matter how much sleep you get or how much coffee you drink, you could be sabotaging your own energy.

Here are six reasons why you always feel tired – and pretty simple solutions to feel energized again.

6 reasons for low energy and easy solutions


You stay in bed with your phone: Your bed should be used for sleep and sex (sorry to be frank!). If you’re bringing technology in your bed, you’re setting yourself up for low energy. Even if you wake up and start checking your e-mails or messages, the fact that you’re in bed can promote tiredness and you may find yourself dozing off once more. Instead of checking e-mails as soon as you open your eyes, hold off until after breakfast.

You’re dehydrated: If you want long-lasting energy, then begin your day with water – not coffee. Research has shown even the lightest drop in hydration is enough to promote foggy thinking and fatigue. While you were sleeping, your body has gone through eight hours without hydration, so giving into that thirst is a wise choice to rehydrate and stay awake.

You shower at night: Even though a warm shower may seem relaxing, it actually can promote wakefulness. Showering prior to bed can keep you awake rather than put you to sleep. Our body temperature decreases as we sleep, but taking a warm shower raises our temperature, which means cooling down will take longer. Therefore, keep your showers for the AM hours for an energy boost.

You exercise at night: Switching your nighttime workout to a morning one can give you a full-day supply of energy. Working out at night can promote energy, which delays your sleep, but working out in the morning can harness that energy to be dragged out throughout the day.

You spend too much time indoors: Blue light helps keep you awake – this is what is emitted from TVs, smart phones, other technology devices, and the sun. But if you’re cooped up all day indoors, you receive artificial blue light that does not provide any vitamin D like the sun would. Vitamin D helps promote energy and boost mood – and, frankly, your smart phone can’t quite do that (yet?). Rather than staying locked up inside, get some natural sunlight for a quick energy boost.

Your morning radio is a bore: If your morning alarm is set to talk radio, that may not be very motivating to get you out of bed. Instead, wake up to a station playing heart-pumping music, which can instantly work to improve your mood and get your energy on the rise. Research has found that listening to music between 120 and 145 beats per minute can actually help us move faster and give us an energy boost. Therefore, switch up your morning tunes from boring to get-going!

If you recognize any of these reasons for low energy, you now know what to do to easily fix them. Instead of staying sluggish, get that energy you once had back to take on the day.

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