Simple Tricks to Hide Problem Skin

aging skinThere are so many anti-aging tips and tricks on how to deal with your skin as you get older. There is also a great deal in terms of products perfectly willing to take your money to give you hope of looking younger faster, or shaving years off of your appearance. While you may have tried some of these or even found some success with them, sometimes you might just want an easier, not to mention faster, was to get the anti-aging benefits of expensive lotions and creams. Below you will find a few tips and tricks on how a little simple handiwork can create an albeit temporarily younger looking version of you.

A good diet and a healthy amount of physical activity are always the best methods of attack when it comes to the anti-aging battle, but there is also the occasional time where you just look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, and for those moments, there are a few things you can do to give a few optical illusions that can help you look younger.


Hiding Aging Skin to Look Younger

A few of the things that make you look old, or older than you are, include: cellulite, spider veins, skin discoloration and skin that is leathery from years of abuse from the sun.

So let’s talk cellulite:
Cellulite is caused by excess fat cells, that give the skin a lumpy appearance. Cellulite, despite what many people believe is often a common occurrence in more slender people as well. Cellulite isn’t just a problem that attacks overweight people. In many cases, cellulite, and the amount you have will depend largely on how each individual’s fat cells are lumped together. Cellulite, once it rears up can be very difficult to treat, but in some cases, knowing it is normal doesn’t necessarily make it an acceptable way to make a public appearance.

What can you do for a temporary fix?
In the case of cellulite, moisturized skin can really help to reduce, or in cases that aren’t severe, eliminate the look. While many over the counter products have made big claims, most of these fixes are temporary, but in some cases they can provide that temporary fix that you need for a night on the town.
This temporary fix is due to these creams and their hydrating capabilities. Many over the counter products are limited to this short-term hydration fix.

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A few other common skin problems that are making you look like you are aging faster than normal are stretch marks and skin discoloration (or blotchiness). In this case of skin discoloration, the culprit is namely caused by tinea versicolor, or a chronic yeast infection of the skin. It is especially common when the temperature outside is warm. The best advice for a quick fix for this is to make absolutely certain that you use sunscreen at all times of the year. Skin that is blotchy or affected by this type of skin discoloration doesn’t tan in the summer, which is what gives the skin such an uneven tone. So making sure that you avoid tanning is key, because it will highlight the issue further.

Stretch Marks Don’t Make You Look Younger

When it comes to stretch marks, many women are familiar with why they happen, usually tend to a quick weight gain or weight loss that stretches the skin. These usually happen in teenagers and pregnant women, but can affect anyone, even men, who have this fast weight fluctuation. In the case of stretch marks, there is really not much that can be done quickly, but many people find in this case, moisturizing creams can really give the illusion of firmer and tighter skin.

So next time you head out for the night and need a quick fix in the aging skin department, consider some of the above tricks. They won’t take the place of the lifestyle changes that you should be putting in place, but they will help out considerably if you just want a few hours of good looking skin.