Simple remedies to get things moving again

constipationThe feeling and struggle of not being able to pass a bowel movement is not an enjoyable one. You feel bloated, sluggish, and in discomfort. There are several different reasons for constipation, some more serious than others. One thing is for certain: if you are struggling with constipation, you want to obtain relief quickly and naturally. Below, you will find helpful tips to get things moving again and start to feel better, regardless of how long you have been constipated for.


Tips to relieve constipation

If you’ve been constipated for a few days:


The first thing you should try is to drink as much water as possible. Water helps soften your stool and can help stool pass and break down fiber. You will also want to kick up the exercise. as that helps move things along too.

If you’ve been constipated for a week:

At this point. you may need what is known as “osmotic agents,” which can be found in the milk of magnesium. Begin with a low dose, as it can contribute to dehydration and only increase if you haven’t obtained relief. Keep in mind you should still be drinking plenty of water too.

If you’ve been constipated for over a week:

If water, exercise, and milk of magnesium haven’t helped, then you may need something stronger. At this point, you may consider a stimulant-like a laxative. The important thing to note about laxatives is that your body can become dependent on them and it can cause your digestive system to become lazy.

If you’ve been constipated for over three weeks:

See a doctor! Repeat, SEE A DOCTOR! This is definitely a sign of a serious problem. Seeing a doctor can ensure you undergo the necessary testing to determine the underlying problem of your constipation. At this time, you may need a colonoscopy to determine any internal problems that could be contributing to the back-up. On the other hand, your doctor can determine if lifestyle habits of yours or medications you are on are playing a role in your constipation.
If you’ve reached this point, see a doctor.

To prevent constipation from striking, it’s important that you exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fiber found in fruits and vegetables, and take a probiotic to promote a healthy gut.

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