Simple fix for America’s growing health problem

prolonged sitting healh problemsIf I ask you what America’s biggest health problem is, you’d probably say smoking, obesity, or heart troubles. Unfortunately, you would be missing out on a huge growing problem. That problem is living a sedentary life—sitting all day long—and experts suggest it’s becoming a problem worse than smoking. Some experts refer to it as the “sitting addiction”—thousands of Americans are sitting far too much.

Unfortunately, if you work in an office environment, you will find yourself sitting for far too long every day. Doctors and researchers alike agree that prolonged sitting is detrimental to our health.
Statistics show that 50 to 70 percent of the average person’s day is spent sitting. That is a lot of hours spent just sitting down, which can contribute to poor health. Even if you exercise, experts suggest that it isn’t enough to combat all those hours sitting.


Fitness trainer Ajit Bansa explained that although sitting is bad, you don’t have to feel victim to its effects. He explained, “Even if you have no time or inclination for a gym, or a morning walk, you can weave in some physical activity into your work day. Keeping your body moving and your blood flowing makes for a healthy brain and a happy mood which, in turn, gives a boost to your work capacities.”

If you don’t want to succumb to the negative effects of sitting but aren’t too keen on exercising, there are actually a ton of expert-recommended tips and tricks you can follow. Below you will uncover some tips that are easily implementable into your daily life.

Simple solutions to combat the “sitting addiction”

  • Instead of calling or emailing a fellow colleague in the office, get up and walk over to their office.
  • If possible, avoid driving to your place of work. Instead, use public transit. You’ll have to walk to the bus or subway rather than just sitting in your car.
  • If you can, try sitting on an exercise ball rather than a chair. Sitting on the ball will force you to maintain am upright posture instead of being slumped over.
  • More offices are adopting “walking meetings.” They not only promote exercise, but the increase in blood circulation improves blood flow to the brain.
  • Some offices are using standing desks.
  • Find exercises you can do right at your desk. There are numerous resources online that demonstrate easy exercises you can do without leaving your office. For example, try rolling your shoulder, raising your arms above your head, or folding over and touching your toes

Whether you’re in an office or at home, finding methods to get moving periodically can drastically decrease the risk of health implications brought on by sitting. The key here is to get moving and avoid sitting as much as possible. Just do anything to get you moving.


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