Signs you have a toxic liver

By: Dr. Victor Marchione | Liver | Saturday, December 05, 2015 - 08:00 AM

Signs you have a toxic liverWhen your heart isn’t functioning right you may experience chest pains or notice a change in blood pressure. When your bladder is infected changes in your urine occur, and if your lungs are sick breathing becomes more difficult. Many organs and parts of our body that become ill have very obvious signs and signals to alert us when something isn’t right. Unfortunately, the liver does not, so if you don’t pay close attention, you can miss the signs of a toxic liver altogether.

The liver is a powerhouse – everything you put into your body eventually passes through the liver. For this reason, it has an increased chance of getting sick. The problem is, unlike many other organs in the body, it does not reveal obvious symptoms and can be overlooked or mistaken for another ailment. It’s important to recognize the signs of a toxic liver, so you can prevent serious damage from occurring.

Signs of a toxic liver

The liver performs many functions – more than any other organ – so when it becomes toxic it has unique ways of revealing the underlying problem. Here are some ways to recognize a toxic liver.

  • Signs of a toxic liverChronic fatigue – even if you slept a solid eight hours you still wake up fatigued and lethargic, this is one sign that your liver is toxic.
  • Forms of depression – you may experience moodiness, outbursts of anger or despair.
  • Bloating and other abdominal discomforts – the liver plays a role in digestion, so symptoms of a toxic liver can translate into digestive issues.
  • Changes in your eyes – your eyes may appear red, itchy and even have a yellow-tinge to them.
  • Your skin may become itchy or you may notice blotchiness that wasn’t there before. Your odor may change as well and blood vessels become more visible.
  • You will have bad breath or a coated tongue.
  • You become sick easier and more often because your immune system has become weaker.
  • You begin to have blood sugar problems.
  • You have trouble losing weight, even with proper diet and exercise.

Tips to help a toxic liver

Now that you are aware of the signs and symptoms of a toxic liver, there are things you can do to make it healthy once again. Here are some tips to help you promote liver health, naturally.

  • Tips to help a toxic liverEnsure your diet is rich with fruits and vegetables – your liver requires many vitamins and nutrients in order to carry out all of its functions.
  • Eliminate foods that can be taxing on your liver, such as alcohol, processed foods, refined foods and even red meat.
  • Consume more carrots and beets, which are natural detoxifiers for the liver.
  • Consume more flaxseeds.
  • Remove refined sugars and artificial sweeteners from your diet.
  • Consume more garlic, broccoli and onions as they increase liver enzymes, which promote cleansing.
  • Avoid large meals – stick with smaller meals so less is being processed by the liver at one time.
  • Eat more nuts, which contain essential fatty acids.
  • Steer clear of fatty foods.
  • Avoid eating for the three hours prior to bedtime.

By following these tips you can ensure that your liver is working at its best and that you avoid a more serious liver problem in your future.

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