Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying ice cream

Shaved ice with matcha and green tea ice creamIce cream is a widely popular frozen treat, but many of us feel guilty indulging in it. Well, new research suggests that we can get rid of that guilt as Italian scientists have found that certain types of ice cream can actually offer some health benefits.

Ice cream has antioxidant properties, can improve overall health

The researchers evaluated the effects of oxidative stress, endothelial function, and physical performance in participants who ingested 100 grams of natural ice cream rich in polyphenols and the control group that had milk chocolate ice cream.


The study included 14 healthy individuals who either consumed 100 grams of natural ice cream (containing dark cocoa powder, hazelnut, and green tea extract) or milk chocolate ice cream. The participants underwent an exercise test two hours after eating the ice cream.

The participants were asked to avoid taking medications, supplements, or foods high in antioxidants in order to observe the effects of ice cream.

What the researchers found was that after the exercise test, those who consumed the antioxidant-rich ice cream experienced significant improvements in their polyphenol levels and decreased oxidative stress. This was not found in the group that consumed the milk chocolate ice cream.
The study concluded that consuming natural ice cream rich in antioxidant ingredients can improve vascular function and physical performance.

This type of ice cream can offer benefits to healthy individuals, athletes, and seniors as a way of reducing oxidative stress.

The take-home message here is that if you want to enjoy some ice cream, make sure you are opting for the variety that offers you benefits. Stick to natural ice cream containing ingredients that are high in antioxidants. This goes to show that you don’t always have to feel guilty after indulging in all-time favorite frozen treat. By reading labels carefully and choosing the right product, you can enjoy your ice cream, guilt-free, all the while receiving benefits such as improved physical performance and vascular health.



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