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Should You Take a Multivitamin?

Many Americans take a multivitamin to ensure they obtain the recommended dosages of many different vitamins. The theory is that by taking a multivitamin, you can support good health because you’re taking in several different vitamins all at once.

Unfortunately, you may want to reconsider picking up another bottle of multivitamins once you’re done your current one because research suggests there is no evidence to support that multivitamins can support a strong heart or promote longevity.

The meta-analysis included research summaries from 179 individual studies.

On one hand, although the study doesn’t support that multivitamins will make your heart healthier or give you more years of living, the researchers don’t suggest you stop taking multivitamins altogether. But additional research is required to determine how multivitamins are beneficial.

The researchers reviewed four of the most common vitamins to see if they impact cardiovascular health. The researchers concluded that these vitamins had little to no effect.

The findings suggest that neither a single vitamin nor a combination could prevent cardiovascular disease.

Researcher Dr. Edward L. Giovannucci explained, “Although there are no clear-cut benefits, use of a multivitamin is reasonable.”

The best way to ensure you’re staying healthy and reducing your risk of heart disease is by obtaining your vitamins through a well-balanced healthy diet, as vitamins and other nutrients through diet are absorbed better. If you’re not a person who consumes fruits and vegetables, where many vitamins are found, then taking a multivitamin is needed to ensure you have no nutritional deficiencies.

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