Recharge your energy with these 4 tips

energy boosting tips Energy – we all want it, better yet we all need it, but sometimes it seems to fade as the day carries on. In fact, it’s a common symptom I hear amongst my patients. It’s easy to make excuses as to why we don’t have energy, but instead of making excuses let’s work on giving our energy levels a much deserved boost. The world is becoming a faster place and it can be draining to try and keep up so taking those moments out of your day to recharge can be beneficial in the long run.

But energy doesn’t just involve our ability to feel awake. Our own bodies carry energy and many holistic and natural treatments work with this energy to make us feel better, like acupuncture, for example. When we say we feel drained, it’s because our energy which flows in us seems down, so recharging it is crucial to feeling our best.


Whether it’s the mid-day slump, or the 3:30 haul you’re trying to get over, there’s no reason why you can’t partake in energy-boosting habits that can make your days a little bit easier. If you think up until now you’ve tried anything and everything to boost your energy you might be mistaken, these ancient tricks to clear out negative energy can have you feeling like yourself again and ready to take on anything.

1. Salt up your shower or bath time

salt water shower for energyStress can really take a toll on our energy. We may feel down and out as well as simply exhausted. At the end of a stressful day when all you want to do is plant yourself in front of the TV, opt for a salt bath or shower instead.

If you’ve ever swam in a salt-water ocean you know the amazing feeling it can bring. So why not bring that feeling home with you? Salt showers or baths are great means to recharge yourself and your energy. Salt baths or showers can promote relaxation, reduce stress, boost circulation and reduce inflammation, all factors which can weigh heavily on your energy. When all these enemies to your energy are tamed you can feel more energized and not so bogged-down.

Whether your add Epson or sea salt to your bath, or as a scrub while showering, the salt absorbs into your skin. Not only will it leave the skin soft but it will leave your mind clear.

2. Go barefoot

lifestyle changes for good healthStress can easily be combated by taking a moment to head outside and take in nature. But for better energy-renewing results step outside barefoot. A term called earthing” can be beneficial to promoting positive energy.
The earth gives off its own energy and unfortunately we live in times where shoes and vehicles prevent us from being connected directly with the earth. When we step onto grass, dirt or concrete barefoot we can pick up these micro doses of energy and and use it to recharge our own. Depending on where you live this may be easier said than done, but even a stroll in your own backyard without shoes is enough to help you feel more grounded. Another added benefit to earthing? It’s been recently studies that earthing may help reduce inflammation as well.

3. Put down the technology

put down the technology for energy boostTechnology may be making our lives easier but it’s also sucking out our energy. With so many gadgets around us constantly keeping us connected taking a break from it all can recharge our energy.

First and foremost technology devices emit signals constantly. Research is discovering the harmful effects of these signals more and more each day, for example radiation. These signals can mess with our own energy levels, so keeping your devices on and near you at all times can be quite draining.

The best way to give your own energy a break from the sapping power of technology devices is to keep them far and turned off when not in use – especially when you’re sleeping. And maybe the next time you head out leave the cell phone at home or on silent so the constant ringing and buzzing doesn’t interrupt you.

4. Take deep breaths

meditation to reduce stomach problemAn easy way to recharge your energy is by breathing. By focusing on your breaths you can reduce stress which can be zapping your energy. Focus breathing can be done anywhere for a quick energy reboot. Ideally, sit on the floor cross-legged and deeply inhale. When exhaling create short burst from your nostrils while contracting your stomach – imagine your stomach being hit and you are flexing your abdominals. This is a great method commonly used in yoga to take in the good energy and release the bad.

Any moment you can take to pause and focus on your breathing can be highly beneficial to your energy levels.

If you’re continuously stressed or feel weighed down by life, recharging your energy can be enough to get you feeling well again. These tips are easy and effective ways to reduce stress as well as feeling renewed. In a sense, recharging your energy involves becoming aware of yourself once again and stop allowing the outside world to take its toll on you. You can’t have good health if you don’t focus on yourself of course! So take the time to take those brief moments of recharge so you can continue to enjoy the things you love.

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