Your Risk of High Cholesterol Goes up Because of This

post holiday cholesterolThe holidays were weeks ago, but your body may still be feeling the effects of overeating and poor food choices. The latest research findings suggest that poor holiday eating habits can trigger a cholesterol spike of 20 percent compared to cholesterol levels in the summer months.

Author Dr. Anne Langsted explained, “Our study shows strong indications that cholesterol levels are influenced by the fatty food we consume when celebrating Christmas. The fact that so many people have high cholesterol readings straight after the Christmas holiday is very surprising.”


The study found nine out of 10 participants had elevated cholesterol post-holidays.

The findings not only raise awareness to the fact that your poor eating habits around the holidays could raise your cholesterol, but if you already live with high cholesterol, you should be mindful of what you’re eating so you don’t increase your cholesterol levels further.

Author Dr. Signe Vedel-Krogh added, “For individuals, this could mean that is their cholesterol readings are high straight after Christmas, and they could consider having another test taken later on in the year. In any event, there is a greater risk of finding that you have elevated cholesterol if you go to the doctor and have your cholesterol tested straight after Christmas. It is important to be aware of this, both for doctors who treat high cholesterol and those wishing to keep their cholesterol levels down.”

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s essential that you get back on track today. For the rest of the year, engage in healthy eating and regular exercise to control our cholesterol levels.

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