Portion Control – A Top Obesity Concern

Fast Food OffendersNo doubt it is a culture where fat, and obesity and obsessions over weight have become one of the most read and researched items on the internet. And with the not only daily, but minute to minute reminders of food and restaurants, and social gatherings, this is not hard to see.

Food is everywhere. And you need to eat, but according to most healthcare practitioners, one of the most common phrases that is repeated over and over again as people try to cut obesity and fat after the holidays, or just in general is “portion control”.

Why You Need Portion Control – Within Reason


Determining what is considered to be a normal portion of food, as opposed to a small portion can be increasingly difficult. Watching television might give you the idea that the sizzling BBQ portion of food is normal, when in fact your nutritionist, or anyone in healthcare, might wholeheartedly disagree.

Developing a normal relationship with food is a balancing act that most people need a little bit of help with. Doctors say that another bad behavior when it comes to diets, is to diet, or put your body in “starvation mode”. This highly unhealthy behavior causes your metabolism to slow down and store extra food as fat to carry you through this “starvation”.

Why Experts Think Restriction Isn’t a Good Portion Control Method

Many experts agree that restriction might not be the best option. Usually what happens when one starts to restrict their diet is they end up binging on food later. This binge eating and the vicious cycle that usually continues with more restriction is hard on your body, your metabolism, limits the chances of you fighting any obesity battle, or really accomplishing anything at all.

So Much Frustrating Information – Where to Begin With Portion Control and Fighting Fat

Part of what might confuse most people is that the healthy guideline for portion control is based on a set and specific number of servings of each food group per day. However, experts in nutrition say that a more updated way to view portion control is based on a system of ratios instead. Certain natural heights and weights of individuals mean that different food quantities are needed for each person are very different.


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So rather than keeping the old standard rule in place, people might want to instead look up more specific guidelines for their height and weight, while keeping in mind their fat loss goals, and cutting back accordingly. Portion control, with a little more research doesn’t have to be such a trying task.

You’ve Heard it Before – But Quality of Food is Important When it Comes to Fighting Fat

You learned it when you were young, and it has more than likely rang through to your adulthood, and that isn’t because the information isn’t invaluable. Fruits and vegetables, in their raw form can fill you up, and because they are made up of a lot of water, and fiber the amount you eat doesn’t need to be  monitored for portion control. So you can get your fill of a variety of different fruits and get a huge serving of micronutrients, so in most cases, the more you replace the junk food, or restaurant meals with these healthy foods the better your chances of fighting fat and obesity, and also filling up on good quality food, great for portion control, and your belt line, too.