Osteoporosis linked to coronary heart disease in older people, both could have similar causes: Study

Osteoporosis linked with coronary heart disease in older people, both could have similar causes, studyA potential new risk of heart disease has just been discovered. In fact, it has to do with osteoporosis.

If you’re over the age of 50, you’re at higher risk of developing osteoporosis – women and men alike. Osteoporosis is when the bones in our body become weak and brittle and can increase the risk of fractures.


You may not think a bone disease may affect your heart, but it does. This link between the two diseases is according to a new study by the University of Southampton.

Osteoporosis linked to heart disease in elderly: Study

By examining wrist bone density of seniors 70 to 85, scientists were able to determine a link between osteoporosis and heart disease.

A technology called high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography was used to determine the bone density in the individuals’ wrists. The technology allowed scientists to assess the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Among individuals who had coronary heart disease, scientists also uncovered these people had low bone density in the hard tissue outside of the bone. More so, this relationship was higher among women than men. (It must be mentioned that osteoporosis is more common in women).

The new study calls for more research to be conducted in the connection of osteoporosis and heart disease.

Furthermore, it creates grounds to promote better bone health to reduce one’s risk of heart disease and vice versa.

So if up until now you believed that either disease was not connected, think again. Bone health is related to heart health, so if you want to protect your heart, it’s important to maintain strong bones. This reaffirms that overall wellness is the key to good health.

Prevent osteoporosis and heart disease in elderly

Whether you have been diagnosed with either condition, taking the necessary steps to protect your heart and bones is essential. Here are a few ways to prevent osteoporosis and heart disease.

Tips to boost bone health

  • Exercise
  • Learn your family history
  • Take in adequate vitamin D and calcium
  • Eat foods that contain vitamin K
  • Stock up on potassium
  • Minimize coffee consumption
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Don’t smoke

Tips to boost heart health

  • Don’t smoke
  • Limit alcohol
  • Exercise
  • Eat balanced and nutritious meals
  • Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce sodium intake
  • Learn your family history

Steps to manage osteoporosis and heart health

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you know the importance of playing it safe – this means, avoid injury as best as possible. Other steps can be taken as well to make living with osteoporosis more manageable.


Joining a support group may ease anxiety linked to osteoporosis. Fear can be debilitating, and a fear of falling can really take a toll on one’s life. This is why reaching out to others can give you a fresh perspective and calm your fear.

Speaking with your doctor can also give you better peace of mind. They can prescribe medications, which can be used alongside the tips listed above.

Essentially, healthy habits can help you manage osteoporosis more easily. And healthy habits can reduce your risk of heart disease as well. It’s important that we don’t treat osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease separately, but make smart choices, which reduce the negative outcome of both diseases.



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