Could noodles help lower your cholesterol?

noodlesIf you have diabetes, then you may have been told to steer clear of many common types of noodles and pasta, as they can cause spikes and drops in your blood sugar levels. Well, thanks to Singapore researchers, you no longer have to fear a plate of pasta.

The researchers developed a wholegrain yellow noodle made with beta-glucan, which is soluble fiber, along with rice noodles made with a resistant starch. The researchers are currently working on prototypes so the noodles can start to be available in local commercial markets.


These new noodles have a low glycemic index, which means that the carbohydrates are broken down into sugar at a much slower rate. Traditional noodles break down into sugar much quicker, causing spikes in blood sugar levels followed by sudden drops.

But there seems to be another benefit to these diabetic-friendly noodles. Beta-glucan has been found to reduce LDL cholesterol—or bad cholesterol. When LDL cholesterol levels are high, it can begin to form plaque along the arterial walls, which increases the risk of heart-related events.

Dietician Jaclyn Reutens explained why these noodles are safer for diabetics: “Resistant starch in the noodles gets digested slower and gives the feeling of fullness, so that helps to control the amount that diabetics consume.”

Both diabetes and high cholesterol are continually growing problems in America and worldwide, so developing foods that can help improve these ailments is necessary so that people can still enjoy the foods they love without the negative impact on their health.


Both diabetes and high cholesterol can be prevented and managed through lifestyle interventions, diet being the largest one. Eating high-fat, high-sugar, processed foods can contribute to both conditions. Therefore, eating healthy along with regular exercise can help reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes and high cholesterol.

Until these diabetic and cholesterol-friendly noodles hit the market, you will still have to make healthy choices to manage these conditions. This includes eating foods that are high in fiber and are as natural as possible.

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