Why You Should Never Hold Your Urine

holding in urineWe’ve all been there – we’re in the middle of an activity or movie and the urge to urinate strikes. In our younger years, we were able to hold in our urine for a bit so we didn’t miss our favorite part of a show. But now that we’re older, the ability to hold our urine is becoming increasingly difficult and there is a greater risk of leaks.

Before we discuss whether we should hold our urine or not, let’s discuss some facts about our bladders. The average adult bladder can hold half a liter of urine before it tells your brain that you need to pee. The bladder walls are lined with several small receptors that send signals to the brain when its time to empty. As the year’s pass, several contributing factors can weaken a person’s bladder, such as bladder infections or pregnancy.


Over time, constantly holding in your urine can cause damage to your bladder by weakening the muscles and increasing your risk of infections. Furthermore, long-term urine retention can prevent your bladder from fully emptying down the road.

In very rare cases, your bladder may actually burst. This sometimes happens to drunk people who don’t recognize that they need to urinate.

As you can see, the consequences of holding in urine can greatly vary, but all outcomes are quite negative. So, when nature calls, answer it, and reduce your risk of complications related to holding in your urine.

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