Most Unique Ways to Chill Out

better stress reliefDo your friends refer to you as being the one with the temper in the group? Do you sometimes finding yourself in the middle of a high stress, high anxiety situation just wanted to scream out loud? Well you certainly wouldn’t be the only one, and maybe if you are taking the time to read this, you have come to the awareness that your temper might be out of control, and you might need a few simple tips to calm yourself down before you get out of hand.

Bad tempers are a big part of society these days, they can break families apart and they can take a toll on your social relationships as a whole. You may find that as your temper increases, your core group of friends and family decreases, so getting a quick handle on that hair trigger becomes detrimentally important.


Here are a few tricks that can keep that temper in check, and address your stress and anxiety, for better overall mental health:

Mental Health Tip #1- Mind Over Matter

This first tip is mentioned at almost all anger management meetings. If you find yourself having a quick temper, and a tendency to lash out this one could be easier said than done, but it is absolutely vital to maintaining a cool state of mental health.

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The best way to put mind over matter into play is simply to get in the habit of repeating some encouraging words (silently, or at least quietly) to yourself. Try ‘this too shall pass’ or ‘I look forward to the cherished moment my stress will be gone’. Sometimes this self-calming talk can really do wonders for calming you down, calming your thoughts can calm your anger, which can in turn calm your breathing making you less stressed and angry overall.

Mental Health Tip #2 – Talk it Out

If there seems to be one constant offender who makes you angry more often than, letting yourself boil over to a breaking point is not exactly the ticket to sound temperament and mental health. And you might be thinking the last thing you want to do is sit across from the offender and discuss your problems, but in many cases, the simplest answer is the best one. Having a light chat with someone who quite often makes you angry can not only help you to resolve your issue, but also keep in mind their point of view for the next time you speak with them. Lessening the chances the same person, or the same issue will rile you up again in the future.

Mental Health Tip #3 – Get More Sleep and Avoid Sleep Problems

Likely the easiest, yet least likely to be heeded on this list is addressing sleep issues. If you are running on fumes and expecting to have the weight of the world roll off of your shoulders, you might have another thing coming. With the average adult needing 6-8 hours of sleep a night, it’s no wonder that you will feel your blood pressure rising after a night with no rest. Things that didn’t bother you before might just send you over the edge if your sleep tank is running on empty. Subsequently, if you are having a bad day, and find yourself snapping often, sometimes the best trick of the trade is just to end your day early and go to sleep. Turning in will hopefully have you wake up refreshed in a better frame of mind more likely to attack your problems with a clean slate, instead of an angry, tired and short-tempered viewpoint. Addressing your sleep problems is imperative to good mental health.