Most effective natural acne care and treatment


Understanding acne

By the time you hit puberty your hormones were wild, your voice changed and tiny red spots have appeared all over your face. How embarrassing were those days when a new pimple could just spring up at any moment and put you in a tailspin!


Well, now that you’re older, you don’t have to worry about pimples and acne, right? Wrong. Although not as common as when you were in your adolescent years, acne can still affect seniors and it’s usually tied to an underlying cause.

Acne can be unsightly and it may prevent you from wanting to be seen out in public. But in order to provide you with ways to treat acne, it’s important to understand what acne is.

Causes of acne

Four main factors cause acne:

  • Oil production
  • Dead skin cells
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

When it comes to the causes of acne, it’s been suggested that eating greasy foods, not washing your face or always touching your face will create acne. But although we may believe in these as causes of acne, they are far from the truth.

How acne develops

Because our skin is covered with thousands of microscopic hair follicles, sometimes they overproduce cells causing blockage. Then sebum – oil – gets trapped and bacteria starts to grow. This, in turn, causes acne, which can occur in two forms: Non-inflammatory or inflammatory acne.

Non-inflammatory acne can heal on its own or develop into whiteheads or blackheads. Inflammatory acne happens when the whitehead or blackhead bursts – often because of picking or touching it. In either case, it’s always advised to never disrupt acne at any state by touching it with your hands.

Acne can also occur with changes in hormones, medications, stress and diet. The Mayo Clinic reports that research has shown dairy and carbohydrates can make someone more prone to acne. So it’s good to know your triggers.

If you are looking for ways to treat acne, beyond medications and over-the-counter topical gels and creams, there is natural acne treatment.

Natural acne treatment

Although there are all kinds of products you can pick up at the pharmacy as cures for acne, natural acne care is a good strategy so you won’t damage your skin. Natural acne treatment is quite easy and can be done with many items that you may already have in your home right now! So here are some ways to treat acne, naturally.

Coconut oil: Is there anything coconut oil can’t do? From treating hair to dry skin, it’s no wonder it’s also good for organic acne care. If you’re already spending money on moisturizers, you won’t need them any longer once you start using coconut oil. Because of its moisturizing properties, coconut oil is soft, gentle and leaves skin feeling smooth. And as a natural acne treatment, it can bring down redness and fight bacteria due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Apple cider vinegar: Another health powerhouse with numerous benefits, apple cider vinegar comes in as one of apple cider vinegar for acnethe best natural acne care solutions. Similar to coconut oil, apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Apple cider vinegar works to kill off the bacteria which forms with acne. It also balances pH levels in the skin, making it more difficult for bacteria to come back.

Apple cider vinegar is quite strong and so diluting it with fresh water is key. Pour a little onto a cotton pad and apply it to your skin after cleansing, no more than once a day. You don’t want to overuse this method as organic acne care because it may dry out your skin.

Egg whites: Maybe after you’ve enjoyed your eggs for breakfast you can save some of the whites to make yourself a egg-white-acne-treatmentface mask? Egg whites are a great natural acne treatment with ample benefits for your face. Not only are egg whites one of the simplest ways to treat acne, but they’re great for natural acne care.

Egg whites can even reduce the appearance of scars. One reason eggs are good for us is because they are packed with protein. This same protein that’s good for our insides is equally as beneficial for our outsides: The protein and vitamins found in eggs work to repair cells and combat acne.

Egg whites can also absorb sebum, making it less likely to build up under your skin. By simply applying the egg whites to your face and letting them tighten (15to 30 minutes), you’ll have better-looking skin and organic acne care.

pain reliefAloe vera: The green stuff isn’t just for sunburns, but also great as natural acne care. Just as it cools burned skin and reduces redness, it does the same to acne. Whether you use aloe vera as organic acne care by using the plant itself, or purchase the gel form at the store, both means are excellent cures for acne. Just a dab of aloe as a spot treatment on the infected areas is enough to bring down the swelling and redness.

Ice cubes: Don’t have time for a facial? Head over to your freezer for some ice cubes. Ice cubes are a quick and easy natural acne treatment which can immediately reduce inflammation. The coldness forces your pores to shrink, causing bacteria to be pushed out. Cold water can have similar effects as well.

Tea tree oil: It may seem counterproductive to put oil on your face when it seems oil is one of the causes of acne, but tea tree oil is beneficial. Tea tree oil works as a solvent to actually break through the oil or sebum produced by your skin. Its antibacterial properties remove dead skin, cut through pores, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

Tea tree oil can be combined with water to dilute it, or mix it with some aloe vera gel for best natural acne care. Just ensure you are using tea tree oil on your skin and never ingest it or get it in your eyes or nose.


Cinnamon and honey: On their own, cinnamon and honey are great to add flavor to food, but combine them and cinnamon and honey for acneyou have a natural acne treatment. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties and honey is a natural antibiotic. Together, the cinnamon works to stop the bacteria from growing and the honey wipes it all away. How to use it best? Blend the two together, apply the paste like a mask and you have a natural cure for acne.

Clearer skin, naturally
clear skin naturally
So if you think you’re too old for acne, be aware that it can still happen at any age. Even if you have a few red spots or blemishes, these natural acne treatments are safe, easy and really work! Whether you create an egg white mask, or cool down those red spots with some ice, these are some of the best natural acne care solutions for you to try.

Your face is the first thing people notice, so go ahead and give yourself that healthy glow.


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