Mindless Habits Making You Fat

Believe it or not the act of becoming having issues with a obesity, or “getting fat” can be a slow and arduous process. It isn’t hard to imagine that this can happen and creep up on you, ever so slowly and before you know it, your clothes don’t fit, or your husband or wife is dropping subtle hints around the dinner table.

It really isn’t hard to believe once you actually break it down. Let’s say you are working long hours, or simply enjoying the occasional holiday meal, or drink for that matter. Before you know it obesity and fat has become a real tangible issue, and one that can becoming increasingly difficult to keep a handle on. But while you might not be willing to admit the impending problem, there are things that you are doing and not even realizing them. These are things that are making your weight gain a real issue, as you start to get fat before you even realize it.

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Here is a list of a few of the hidden offenders that could be making you feel fat, and lead to obesity. They are more lifestyle related, as the problem is a lot bigger and the scope is a lot more broad than dealing with simple junk food.

Habit #1 – Eating Low Fat Foods to Fight Obesity

This is one of the top lifestyle offenders. You start to think to yourself ‘well, I am not eating junk food, these low fat options must be a lot better’. But what you might be ignorant to, and these companies won’t mind one bit, is that many foods listed as low-fat might save you a few calories, but the fat and calories are often replaced with things that are much worse, and equally as bad for your waistline. The low fat donut won’t stop the potential for obesity, especially if the fat was replaced with sugar, or chemicals.

Habit #2: Skipping Regular Meals to Stop Fat Spread

Skipping a meal is one of the top offenders, not to mention one of the worst offenders for your body. You need food, but it’s quality that is important. It will keep you healthy, and keep the pounds off too. Skipping a meal can really slow down your metabolism, which is very important when it comes to dealing with those hunger pains. Skipping breakfast for instance can make people much more likely to have issues with obesity. They will likely have metabolism problems, or will potentially cause you to overeat later in the day.

Habit #3: Big Bites Potentially Cause Obesity Problems

One of the best ways to control your portions and ensure that you feel full when you should, and not either too quickly, or too slowly can make or break your battle with the bulge. Consider this:  Make sure that when you dig in, you don’t fill your utensil to the brim. You can trick yourself in any variety of ways. This could be to simply use a smaller fork or spoon, or it could be to take more bites of smaller food. This simple trick can make you feel full faster, and control your portions at the same time. And controlling portions is a key part of fighting fat and obesity. It will also increase your enjoyment of food, as passive eating can mean packing on pounds too.

There are a few habits that are considerably more obvious too. Experts say behaviors like avoiding the scale, can lead to issues with accountability. And any unmanaged intake of junk food can mean obvious issues with fat and obesity later down the road too.