Men, You Can Still Suffer from This Common Female Problem

men incontinenceIncontinence is widely believed to be a female problem. Although there are higher incidences of incontinence among women, men are not immune to leaks.

Physical therapist Char Challenger-Smith explained, “It is important to know incontinence can be both urinary and/or fecal. We most commonly think of women, especially post-partum, suffering from urinary incontinence. Though women are more predisposed to urinary incontinence, men are also very commonly affected.”


Incontinence among men is commonly related to the prostate, like in cases where the prostate has been removed or restructured. Aside from the prostate, higher incidences of incontinence are seen among athletes. Nerve damage, damage to the connective tissues and muscles of the pelvic floor, or injury can all trigger incontinence.

Challenger-Smith continued, “Regardless of the cause, incontinence is not normal and is an indication that the pelvic floor is not functioning properly. It is a very treatable condition and should not be accepted as normal after childbearing or at any age it strikes.”

Kegel exercises are often the first mode of treatment recommended to treat incontinence, but this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Because there are so many factors that contribute to incontinence, Kegel exercises alone are nowhere close to treating many of those causes.

Other methods to treat incontinence involve improving muscular strength and control of muscles around the pelvis, changing behavior and diet, and re-training specific patterns of movement to improve the bladder function.


In some cases, surgery may be beneficial in reducing incontinence, but it is advised that lifestyle habits and other alternatives be utilized first before surgery becomes an option.

To improve your own incontinence, it’s important that you speak to your doctor. There can be a very simple explanation for your incontinence, but unless you speak with your doctor, you could continue to suffer in silence.

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