Side effect of high blood pressure you didn’t know

side effects of high blood pressure erectile dysfunctionHigh blood pressure – hypertension – is becoming a growing concern across America with millions of people not even aware they have it. The problem is, if left unmanaged, hypertension may cause too many health issues that may be too late to fix.

Commonly known as a silent killer, high blood pressure can increase your risk for stroke, heart attack, heart failure, and kidney disease. A new report suggests that high blood pressure can even contribute to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, managing your blood pressure may be enough to prevent this unwanted side effect altogether.

Manage high blood pressure to prevent erectile dysfunction


There are many reasons for a man to develop erectile dysfunction, both physical and psychological. Some causes for erectile dysfunction include depression, stress, anxiety, heart disease, clogged arteries, multiple sclerosis, smoking, sleep disorders, and high blood pressure.

Normal blood flow is required for the penis to work properly. When circulation and blood flow are interrupted or malfunctioning, that lack of blood can lead to erectile dysfunction.

In hypertensive men, the blood vessels become narrow and constricted, limiting the amount of blood flow to all organs, including the penis. Furthermore, medications aimed to treat high blood pressure have also been shown to play a role in erectile dysfunction. The take-away message here is, if you want to improve your erectile dysfunction condition you may want to start by correcting your blood pressure.

Tips to manage high blood pressure

Medications can cause side effects or even worsen the existing erectile issue. Using natural methods and lifestyle changes where possible to better manage erectile dysfunction is best. Here are some tips to help control high blood pressure, not only to improve erectile dysfunction, but to boost overall health as well.

  • Exercise regularly, as it improves heart health, boosts circulation, improves stamina, and helps you lose weight, which can contribute to high blood pressure, too.
  • Consume plenty of fruit and vegetables and steer clear of saturated and trans fats, which only work to clog your arteries, worsening your blood pressure problem. Make sure you include beets into your diet, as they have been shown to be a power food when it comes to naturally lowering your blood pressure.
  • If you are on medications, take them regularly and don’t stop unless advised by your doctor. If you’re concerned that your blood pressure medication is contributing to your erectile dysfunction, speak to your doctor about changing your medication.


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