Low libido? It could be something more serious

low-libido-due-to-heart-problemIf you’re experiencing weaker hearing, poorer vision, even weight gain, it’s easy to write off your health ailments on your old age. But it’s not always the case. Low libido, for example, is not necessarily a sign of aging, but it could be indicative of a more serious issue – one that affects your heart.

If you’re a male and have been noticing that your morning erection is absent or that your sex drive just isn’t as high as it used to be, it could be your body’s way of warning you of an impending heart problem, more specifically, heart disease.


Having an erection while asleep or upon awakening is normal and reveals a healthy heart. So changes in that department may point to a serious health problem.

It has been long known that erectile dysfunction is linked to heart disease. To have an erection the penis must receive an adequate supply of blood. But when the arteries are damaged or blocked or when the heart isn’t pumping enough blood, getting an erection may become problematic. Many men who report erectile dysfunction are often advised to visit a cardiologist or have their heart checked for any underlying heart conditions.

Urologist Vivek Wadhwa explained, “ED [erectile dysfunction] is a great way to pick up cardiac diseases – I will refer men suffering with it [to] a heart specialist. I always tell men it’s a great opportunity to [stop] smoking, lose weight, and do daily exercise.”
If you’re suffering from ED, your first course of action may involve addressing your heart health. As mentioned, this involves smoking cessation, weight loss, regular exercise, and adherence to a healthy diet. You should also have your heart checked to assess the scope of the problem. Do you have high blood pressure? Cholesterol? Diabetes? Controlling these other health conditions can go a long way in improving your heart health, too.

As you can see, blaming aging for your low libido and lack of erection is not just unhelpful – it’s misleading. Seeing your doctor is a good idea to check for other possible health conditions.



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