The Hidden Risk behind the Popular Keto Diet Revealed

keto diet blood pressureThe keto diet – short for ketogenic – has increased in popularity with its promise to aid in dramatic weight loss. The keto diet involves consuming high-fat and low-carb foods. Carbohydrates are often a source of energy for the body, so by removing them from the diet, the body uses fat as energy. This contributes to weight loss.

We all dream of losing a few pounds, but at what cost? Many search online to find out whether the keto diet is safe, which promoted researchers to dig a bit further.


The researchers conducted a study on mice. One group consumed a high-fat diet while the other consumed a normal-fat diet.

After four weeks, the mice on the high-fat diet had around a 20 percent increase in blood pressure compared to the mice that consumed a normal amount of fat. It’s important to note that a high-fat diet in mice differs significantly than a high-fat diet in humans, so this study may not necessarily be of relevance to how the keto diet affects humans.

Nevertheless, adhering to a diet that omits certain foods, or one considered unbalanced, does bring with it other health concerns.

A balanced diet is often recommended because it provides the body with a slew of essential nutrients and vitamins that your body as a whole require. From bone-strengthening minerals or vitamins that work to improve the look of skin, these can all become lost while on the keto diet. Furthermore, you run the risk of vitamin deficiencies.

If weight loss is your goal, don’t opt for a fad diet but rather a long-term lifestyle change, which allows you to enjoy a wide variety of foods without raising your risk of blood pressure or other health complications.


Furthermore, diet alone isn’t enough. A proper combination of exercise and diet can help you achieve more long-lasting results, along with providing you with other benefits such as stronger muscles and bones, improved heart health, improved respiratory health, brain function, and overall health improvements.

If you are interested in the keto diet, speak to your doctor if it is safe for you.

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