Is Fruit Making You Fat?

Following the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s revamped food pyramid in June, there has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the effect of high quantities of fruit on weight control.

Traditionally fruit has been considered so beneficial that the government set a 5-a-day standard as a bare minimum amount of fruit and vegetables you should be eating.  However, if you suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol, or if you are overweight, too much fruit could be the explanation as to why you are piling on the pounds.

A recent article on has claimed that for certain groups of people, fruit intake should be kept moderation.

Fruit contains calories. And the calories in fruit can make you just as overweight as those in chocolate when you start doing the math on your 5-a-day intake. Here are a few examples of the calories in various fruits:

-1 Apple – 95 calories
-1 Banana – 105 calories
-1 Cup of Blueberries – 83 calories
-1 Cup of Sliced Mango – 107 calories
-1 Cup of Strawberries – 77 calories
-1 Cup of Mixed Fruit – 70 calories

So what’s the healthiest strategy to keep fruit in your diet and still maintain your weight.

1.Smaller Portions – Sure, that over-sized apple looks healthy, but because of the size it also contains more calories. A serving size may be less than you think. For example, for grapefruits, because it’s a larger fruit, eat only half. As a rule, aim for three servings of fruit per day, which will weigh in at less than 200 calories in total.

2.Avoid Fructose Researchers at the University of California found that participants who ate large amounts of fructose packed on the most pounds. Raspberries, dates and raisons have high levels of fructose. Orange fruits (like peaches, cantaloupe and, of course, oranges) are better for your waistline.

3.Only in the Mornings – There are experts who claim that staying away from fruit later in the day is an important part of staying slim. With the human body needing time to process the sugars, and is most able to do so before 2 pm.

Also, remember to always read the label when you are buying fruit juices. A single glass of fruit juice can have hundreds of calories and loads of additional sugars and preservatives.

Without fruit life would be a lot less sweet, but keeping portions, and these few simple tips in mind could allow you to enjoy the foods you love, and help maintain a healthy weight too.