Improve your bedroom performance with this breakthrough therapy

erectile dysfunctionAll bedroom problems have an underlying cause that stems from a person’s physical or mental health. The last thing you want to do is equate performance failure with some sort of deficiency in the masculinity department. Yet, this is what many men do when they are faced with erectile dysfunction (ED).

When it comes to male arousal, it seems to be simple. Just a bit of stimulation, either visual or physical, and you’re good to go, right?


Not so fast.

Although it looks straightforward, getting and maintaining an erection involves many different processes and organs. Your brain, hormone levels, state of mind, mood, and the health of your muscles and circulatory system all pitch in, enabling you to perform. So, when there’s something wrong in any of these departments, the quality of your erection can be affected.

Sometimes there’s a domino effect at play. Say you’ve had a rough day and feel tired. The physical exhaustion won’t let you get an erection as quickly as you normally would, causing you to get nervous. As a result of your anxiety, you lose the erection that you had.

Many older men resort to prescription drugs to address their erectile problems. The pills usually work within 30 minutes, boosting blood flow to the area. There are a few setbacks, however. Like other pharmaceuticals, these pills come with a long list of possible side effects, some of which are quite unpleasant.

Promising treatment for ED in the near future

Here’s some good news to give men hope in the near future. ED sufferers may soon be able to forget all their bedroom worries for up to two years with a novel shock-wave treatment.

Earlier studies uncovered that shock waves to the heart can promote the formation of new blood vessels. Taking into consideration that erectile problems are caused by poor blood flow, the researchers applied the shock wave method to help treat ED. A wand attached to a machine sends small shock waves directly to the penis. The emitted energy boosts growth factor levels, prompting new blood vessels to form. The result? Better circulation and, in turn, a stronger erection.
The researchers assure that the 12-week therapy is painless and comes with minimal side effects.

The technology, known as ED1000, was developed in Israel and is not yet available in America. But as the results have been extremely promising, there’s hope that it will become a mainstay erectile dysfunction treatment. According to Dr. Vijay Sangar, consultant urologist at Spire Manchester Hospital in England who uses the shock wave therapy to treat his patients, ED1000 has proven to be effective in two-thirds of cases of ED associated with circulatory problems or diabetes.


Unlike the ED prescription pills, which boast a higher success rate, the therapy addresses the root cause of the problem rather than the symptom, and its effects last longer.

While you wait for this new therapy to come to the U.S., you can take care of your ED the same way you would address your heart problems: through diet and exercise. Sometimes, all you need to bring the heat back into the bedroom is a blood-pumping session at the gym and a good meal.

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