3 lifestyle habits that boost your bedroom performance

lifestyle-habits-that-boost-your-bedroom-performanceWhen it comes to boosting libido and bedroom performance, we think of the little blue pill right off the bat. But the remedy in question is not all-round solution for that matter. First and foremost, it only targets men, and not women, who are also experiencing a decline in libido as they age. Clearly, a broader approach is needed, something longer-lasting than a temporary, one-sided effect of the blue pill.

Blaming your low libido on aging is easy, but it’s not the only factor that affects your bedroom performance. As we get older, we tend to slow down. We aren’t exercising as much, we put on weight, we don’t watch our diets that closely, and we develop various medical conditions. All of these factors can bring your libido down, but the good news is, healthy lifestyle habits can work wonders in re-igniting that spark once again. Better yet, these tips can boost libido in both men and women, without the use of medications.

3 lifestyle habits that can improve libido


Don’t expect to see a secret technique that only a select few are aware of. These habits are part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle and are also great for boosting your heart and brain health, for example. Here they are:

Getting plenty of exercise: Your ‘parts’ can’t function well without a good supply of blood, so if you have poor blood circulation, your libido and your performance may suffer as a result. Regular exercise can help address this problem as it improves your heart’s pumping capacity and this way promotes circulation. Exercise also improves your mood and boosts your energy, meaning you will feel in the mood as you will have the energy to perform.

Eating healthy: Clogged arteries due to an unhealthy diet can impede on your circulation – and that’s just one of the reasons to eat healthy. Being overweight or obese can negatively impact your hormone levels, and if your sex hormones– estrogen and testosterone – are low then you may not really be up for it (sex, that is). Eating a balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight which in turn will keep your hormones in check.

Mind you, a nutritional deficiency can lead to fatigue and, thus, to low libido. Make sure your ration is diverse enough to keep you well nourished.


Managing your stress levels: A stressful life can lead to a sexless life as stress can negatively impact the body in many different ways – all of which lead to one thing – low libido. If you live with chronic stress, for whatever reason, take the necessary steps to resolve this problem for the sake of your good health (and good sex).

As you can see, these lifestyle habits are simple, easy to implement, and the best part is, they also benefit your overall health. Take charge of your life now, and enjoy a healthy body and a great bedroom performance, too!

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