Why It’s so Important to Get Your Eyes Checked

eye examGoing to see an ophthalmologist is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Many different areas of your health can be revealed through an eye exam. Sure, the main goal is to detect changes in vision, but your eye doctor is also able to uncover other possible health problems.

Here are three other reasons why you should go for a regular eye exam.

3 Reasons to Go for Eye Exams

Taking Diabetes and Blood Pressure Medications Can Affect the Eyes


If you’re over the age of 60, it’s recommended that you go for regular eye exams, not only because being of older age is a risk factor for vision loss, but because these people are more likely to be taking diabetes or high blood pressure medications. These medications can have vision side effects. It’s important to monitor vision so that any possible problem can be tackled early on.

Vision Changes Affect Your Ability to Drive

And if you aren’t checking your eyes, you aren’t wearing your latest prescription, which can help you be a safer driver. Being able to see while driving is important and wearing an old prescription can increase your risk of injury.

If Vision Loss Isn’t Detected It Can’t Be Treated

Many conditions that cause changes in vision can be treated, but they can only be treated if they are detected. If you avoid the eye doctor, then your vision problem won’t be detected. If vision changes are caught early, then there is a better chance of saving your vision.

Whether you notice vision changes or not, undergoing regular eye exams is still important not only for your vision, but your overall health. Your eye doctor has the ability to check for other ailments including diabetes and high blood pressure, which can reveal themselves through the eyes. So just as you go for your annual physical, ensure a visit to the eye doctor is on that to-do list as a means of maintaining your vision.

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