How to Quit Smoking the Natural Way

Smoking is a high-risk behavior with deadly consequences.

Smoking cigarettes causes one-third of all cancer fatalities and one-fourth of fatal heart attacks. If this isn’t enough to shock you, smoking can be the cause of a number of other illnesses including chronic bronchitis, emphysema, angina, peptic ulcers, heartburn, and even diarrhea.

While smoking is clearly very dangerous and harmful to your health, overcoming the addictions associated with cigarette smoking can be just as overwhelming, but it can be done naturally.

For every cigarette smoked, over 4,000 toxic chemicals are inhaled into the body. Over forty of these chemicals have been directly linked to cancer. Quitting smoking will not be easy, but for those needing to quit smoking, there is some tips and tricks that could ease the process for you.

Quit Smoking Naturally

• Try exercising or taking a walk when cravings occur
• Avoid other people smoking
• Completely eliminate alcoholic beverages
• Avoid any social triggers for smoking
• Drink large amounts of water to flush out toxins
• Increase the amount of raw fruits, vegetables, and fiber in the diet
• Eliminate saturated fats, processed foods, and refined sugars from the diet
• Consider a colon and/or liver cleanse
• Avoid stress during the quitting process

For many people the act of going “cold turkey” with literally no tips or smoking aids also works well. Sometimes there will be a life-altering factor that makes the act of quitting quite simple for people. If you think going cold turkey could work for you, try it.

After quitting smoking, the lungs must be given adequate time to heal and regenerate. During this time, it is important to be very careful about your environment and the surrounding conditions. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, ginger, and cayenne may help open your airways and feel better. Also making sure you get lots of fresh air and outdoor exercise every day could ease some of the symptoms of acute withdrawals from nicotine.

One of the key things you should remember is that if you slip up, don’t give up. Quitting smoking gets easier each time you try. And every time you try to quit, you boost your chances of quitting forever. Be aware of all the personal barriers associated with quitting.

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