This Is How Much Exercise You Need to Lower Cholesterol

Exercise you need to lower cholesterolIt is often said that exercise is essential to help reduce cholesterol levels, but how much exercise do you really need to engage in to start seeing your levels go down?

High cholesterol is dangerous because it causes arteries to become stiffer and thicker, which reduces blood flow and causes the heart to work harder. An overworked heart has a higher risk of damage, increasing the risk of a cardiovascular-related event occurring.


Exercise is beneficial for several reasons. It can strengthen the heart, lower weight, and help manage stress while lowering blood pressure.

It is recommended that you complete 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise weekly to help reduce cholesterol. These activities include walking, jogging, swimming, and cycling.

Although exercise is an essential component of reducing cholesterol, it’s only as effective as the other healthy lifestyle changes you pair with it, such as eating well. Because cholesterol can be largely impacted by diet, eating healthy is another critical component that improves the benefits of exercise to help reduce cholesterol.

Trying to get close to 150 minutes a week of exercise is important not only for cholesterol but your overall health. Finding activities that you enjoy and completing them with people who motivate you are good ways to stick with a workout plan and achieve the results you need.

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