These Habits Make You Appear Older

aging habitsEven if we can’t live forever, we can do things that make us appear younger, and we aren’t talking about spending hundreds on creams, masks, and other treatments. In fact, simple everyday habits can go a long way in changing your appearance and have people guessing about your real age.

Here are six habits which make you appear older.

6 Habits That Make You Look Older


Smoking: Nicotine is known to speed up the aging process of skin, which means you’ll notice more wrinkles and skin damage. This is because smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, which is necessary for fresh looking skin. Furthermore, smoking can cause teeth to look yellow, which also makes you look older.

Lack of sleep: A good night’s sleep can help us look fresher and glowing. Sleep deprivation overtime can reduce our cells ability to regenerate and repair, which can speed up aging of skin. Furthermore, collagen, which is necessary for young looking skin, is produced while we sleep.

Stress: Stress can make you appear older because it can disrupt sleep (refer to the above point) along with messing up your hormones. This can lead to a break out of pimples and possibly even hives as your digestion becomes disrupted.

Not washing make-up off: No matter how tired you are, take the time to wipe the make-up off your face. Leaving makeup on clogs your pores, which prevents your skins ability to breathe. Clogged pores contribute to pimples, blackheads, and bumps.


Lack of exercise: Exercise is not only good for your heart and muscles, but it also benefits your skin. This is because exercise boosts blood circulation, and as mentioned, healthy blood circulation can make skin appear younger. Good blood circulation also aids in the removal of waste and toxins, which can contribute to older looking skin.

Poor diet: Eating unhealthy really does show on your skin, as a poor diet can trigger inflammation of the skin. Try to eat healthy with nutrient-dense foods to support glowing, younger-looking skin.

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